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BBgun aerial dogfight

R/C airplane mounted bbguns
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Mount a bbgun on a R/C plane. Shoot other R/C planes in a dogfight.

Dogfight clubs that exist now, use paper streamers on their wings. Winning the dogfight requires you to cut their streamers with your wings.

Fully automatic plastic bbguns can be bought on ebay.

Plastic and balsa wood planes are cheap and powerful.

Could have a landing net. Where the planes simply fly into to land. Hand launched to takeoff.

danheathmoore, Nov 08 2007


       Lets do it! I've got Air-Hogs for thirty dollars. aluminum tube + co2 or extra lithium polimer battery, maybe from an older plane. The problem is to design a simple, light-weight trigger mechanism; the ones on battery powered airsoft guns (from what i've seen) are kind of bulky like a fly wheel gear system. Most other planes are more powerful, expensive, and mostly run on older heavier nickle-cad batteries. I like to support the lithiums. you might be able to pull it off for under 100 bucks. I look forward to more ideas because I'm Really into RC planes. Lets try to keep these in the hands of responsibe fliers or they could discontinue or make laws about 'em
abadon, Nov 08 2007

       This has already been done with lasers, but I do like the idea of possible spectator casualties.
fridge duck, Nov 08 2007

       I like the fact you might be a little disabled in the air, but could still fight!
danheathmoore, Nov 08 2007

       Like lazers, like mark the plane with a cutting lazer sounds light weight, and could tally up the hits easily. you would have to be very good to dammage the enemies plane to where it would go down, but not cheesy lazers please, if there is such a thing. I'd want something you could use in the movie "Home Alone".
abadon, Nov 10 2007

       Lazers aren't cheezy! Add a lazer from Wicked Lazers (really expensive) and you could do some damage. They only do that much damage close up and are pretty heavy, but we could fix that. BB guns are much better, all things considered. It would add a bit of realism to R/C dogfights.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 10 2007

       They have helicopters for $70 a pair that "shoot a lazer" I don't know anything about them.
abadon, Nov 21 2007

       Lasers are nothing like real dogfighting. You do not have to lead a target and there is no bullet drop.   

       Watch some footage from B-17 gunners during WWII and it will become clear that bullets do not go at the speed of light and do not travel in a straight line.   

       I like this idea for the realism that it would impart to the dogfight. A bun from a pilot. [+]
Klaatu, Nov 22 2007

       As a child in church, I would endlessly (mentally) improve on this very scenario. I also had bb-gun helicopters, boats, tanks, etc., ground based anti aircraft (model) rockets.   

       I don't know why, as soon as my butt hit the pew I was imagining RC carnage. It got pretty elaborate after a while. For some reason, though, the guns didn't shoot bb's. They shot heavy steel bolts, like what you would hold a bridge together with. For a little automatic tail gun or something there would just be a belt feeding smaller bolts.
GutPunchLullabies, Jan 09 2008

       Perhaps the similarities between the two scenarios were too great to ignore.
4whom, Jan 09 2008

       So fucking awesome, I can't stand it.
frosto, Jan 10 2008

       Maybe for added visual effects, some kind of flammable device could be installed on various sweet spots in the aircraft. Of course the model would then be unsalvageable, but it would look cool seeing a model plane fall out of the sky on fire...   

       To accurately aim a model plane would be rediculously difficult. But I like it... Bun
BLSTIC, Jun 06 2008

       It doesn't have to render it unusable. It just has to be a low-temperature flame or aimed away, and generate lots of smoke.
Voice, Jun 06 2008

       // To accurately aim a model plane would be rediculously difficult //   

       Put a 2.4Ghz camera in the nose; give the pilot VR goggles.   

       B-17 vs. Focke-Wulf 190 ..... Dorneir DO-17 vs Supermarine Spitfire ..... excellent.
8th of 7, Jun 06 2008

       I'm tempted to bone it just because of how far from anything you'd likely need to be to safely use them...   

       On the other hand, can they perform bombing missions too?
ye_river_xiv, Jun 08 2008

       This is a cool idea. I know that some R/C boat builders and clubs use b/b guns for realistic sea battles.
rmtmaine, Jun 09 2008

       How about tiny thin-shelled paintballs? [+]
apocalyps956, Jun 09 2008


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