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Bunker Buster 2

A little bit goes a long way
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Recently, I was watching a show on how they develope bunker-busting bombs--how they make composite materials and delay the reaction so that the bomb can drill through as many layers of bunker it needs to. However, the man talking said there are always two problems, even with precision-guided bombs: you never know if they really killed anyone, and you sometimes can't tell who you killed. So I propose an easy solution to wasting explosives: make a bunker buster bomb, with the propellant, but make it like a rocket ship, as in it can hold a Special Ops team. It is reinforced with whatever it needs to, so as not to kill its passengers, then, when it blasts through all the necessary levels, the cap blasts open, and out pours the deadliest troops in a surprise assault. The benefits are that they are people, so they will know the casulty count, and they can explore the whole area, whereas a bunker buster most likely will not destroy it all on one try.
benlevi7, Jan 05 2004


       How do the bunkernauts survive the deceleration of the impact?
dobtabulous, Jan 05 2004

       Didn't you read the idea, dob?
//It is reinforced with whatever it needs to...//
Obvious, really.
lostdog, Jan 05 2004

       //and out pours the deadliest troops in a surprise assault.//   

       He's got that correct. After the kind of decelleration these bombs undergo, any human inside is going to pour (or is it ooze) out.
GenYus, Jan 05 2004

       What if you miss, and plunge a handful of the world's deadliest troops into solid earth? How do you extract them then? Of course, this is a secondary consideration to how you would keep from initially liquifying the bunkernauts.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 05 2004

       bunkernauts, even though you hate my idear, I like the name. Look, they would not "ooze out" as GenYus thought, because the capsule's built to handle that. As far as the solid earth problam goes, well, they could always crawl out a back hatch through the tunnel that the bomb made.
benlevi7, Jan 05 2004

       How exactly do you protect a human from G forces above 1,000 G? Their brain alone will weigh 1 1/2 tonnes!
GenYus, Jan 05 2004

       Maybe the first bomb would be the bunker buster, and right behind it (on a tether) would be the capsule full of Bunkernauts. The Bunkernaut capsule is equipped with forward facing rockets to decelerate it as it enters the hole created by the bunker buster. The bunker buster would be smaller and more economical as it only needs to open a hole for the Bunkernauts. Following the Bunkernauts (also on a tether) would be one or more capsules containing support personnel to administrate the captured bunker, cook meals, etc.
bungston, Jan 05 2004

       Bunker buster bombs are usually long and thin, so that they can pack lots of mass behind a small cross-section. You don't need to protect the bunkernauts from 1000g if you can't find one to fit inside the bomb in the first place...
Freefall, Jan 05 2004

       The reason why bunker buster bombs are thrown in the first place involves the bunker being behind enemy lines, so you cannot simply go there and lay siege to the thing. Similarly, the bunkernauts will find themselves in a trifle difficult situation with the locals after their mission.
loonquawl, Apr 20 2009


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