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American Foreign Legion

Because every empire/internationalist power should have one
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The idea is to recruit foreigners to help fight America's wars as they would likely cost the American taxpayer a fraction of what the American soilder costs.

Also, because they are foreigners, the American people won't get as bent if there are a lot of casualties as they did with that private Lynch (msp?).

They would train and live mostly outside the continental US. Language of command would be in English with heavy doses of pro-American idoctrination/ideological fitness training.

After all, while the US has had limited sucess with the employment of the Keshmerga, Northern Alliance, Contras, SVA's, etc, a corps more under the control of the US would likely serve the nation that much better.

Great Satan, Jun 13 2003

Foreign Legion http://www.borderla...0030411-99320.shtml
Foreigners in the US army [kbecker, Oct 21 2004]

Corporate Soldiers. http://www.spintech...com/9909/da0999.htm
Mercs R Us. [ty6, Oct 21 2004]


       As I remember there were already a lot of foreigners involved on the American side in Korea and Vietnam. Even in the most recent adventure in Iraq there were many foreigners in US uniforms. (see link)
kbecker, Jun 13 2003

       Thanks for the info.
Great Satan, Jun 13 2003

       Oh I'm not saying that they would be permitted into the ranks of America's esteemed and celestial armed forces. They would merely be an auxillary commanded by officers of the "pure" armed forces whose proof of valor is such that they need prove themselves no more--a sort of semi-retirement.   

       For a long time, The White House has considered the American soldier as too important to be put at risk in combat situations.
Great Satan, Jun 13 2003

       " You want Foreign Legion, you got it, how many and where? Price? Very reasonable, you pay an upfront fee, a monthly rate, and a conclusion/ mission accomplished fee, it's all in the brochure. Listen, I'm serious, I'm talking real, live, walkin', talkin' French Foreign Friggin' Legionnaires here, these guy's are the best, cost ya a little extra though."
ty6, Jun 14 2003

       //No they wouldn't. It costs the same amount to clothe, feed, train and hosue a soldier, no matter what his/her nationality is.//   

       The British employ Gurkas and it IS cheaper. The pensions and other benefits are not on the same scale as those offered in the UK.   

       If it were not cheaper to run cheap foreign labour, I'm wondering why the US has border guards to stop Mexicans?
Chippy, Jun 14 2003

       All countries should have one... but then you might end up fighting Americans in Saddam's Gaurd against Iraqi marines...
git, Jun 14 2003


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