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Burger King Incense

Make your house smell like Burger King
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Yum. You will want a burger after lighting one of these!
Amishman35, May 11 2001


       ...give me 10 sticks of patchouli, 10 vanilla, 10 sandalwood, and 10 Whoppers to go.....
Susen, May 11 2001, last modified May 12 2001

       ugh? I already come home with a fragrant offering of yeast and marinara sauce in my clothes every night, so I suppose, that, loosely, you could say this is baked, or bakeable at least, if you got a job at Da BK and then set your clothes/hair on fire after getting off of a 13 hour shift...
absterge, May 12 2001

       yeast and marinara? Pizza place? arggghhh...that has got to be bad. I fortunately escaped my youth with no fast food experience. bartender...yes, fast food....no!
Susen, May 12 2001


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