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Clean And Tidy Incense Burner

damn ahses everywhere...
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I don't know about you guys, but I like to burn incense. I feel that the aroma is very soothing, and helps to muster the smell of ass in any room.

The problem with incense burners, however, is that they are always a tray. The trays have little ridges on them to help keep ashes from going everywhere, but it never works. Either you close the door too hard, or sneeze, or something to cause even the slightest movement of air, and the ashes go everywhere. All over your nice, clean, but smelling of ass, room. This always pisses me off. So I have designed a simple incense burner that is a box shape, withe the top part being open for all of the ashes to fall into. There will be a slide cover on top, so that when transporting it when full you can close it to prevent ashes from going all over the place.

The whole thing would be made of wood, but for safety reasons, the inside portion would be coated with a non-flammable material.

I made a nifty little sketch in Paint, so you can see what it would look like.

Incense burner prototype http://img88.images...ncenseburner4hz.jpg
Yep, Paint kicks ass. [DeliveranceRiverBoatCaptain, Jan 27 2006]

This sort of thing? http://www.innergif...ncenseBoxBurner.htm
Personally, I prefer cones [yamahito, Jan 27 2006]

Alternatively, http://www.santosha...IEWPROD&ProdID=1409
...just take the lid off this one [yamahito, Jan 27 2006]

And even more http://www.ecclecstacy.com/burners1.html
[yamahito, Jan 27 2006]

OK, I think this is the last one http://www.everyone...catcher_box_341.htm
[yamahito, Jan 27 2006]

oh no, here's another one http://www.incenseg...er_box_regular.html
[xandram, Jan 27 2006]

(???) buy bong http://www.herbaltools.co.uk
another great bong shop [WishyWashington, May 28 2013]


       //they are always a tray// Skipper, you've got to get around a bit more.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 27 2006

       Yeah, but with scented oils, he'll still have that herd of donkeys in his room.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 27 2006

       Or even "ahses"
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2006

       Way to beat a dead horse, yamahito. ;o)   

       Okay okay, you got it out of me. I just wanted to draw something on paint, and looked around my room and saw an incense burner. The sad part is, I didn't know they made the ash catcher ones.   

       Still, mine is slightly different because it has a slide cover. And a sketch made in Paint.   

       Im croissant-ing myself then, because my sketch kicks ass. You all can go Fark yourselves. :o)   

       It was a good sketch. Nice use of paint.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006


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