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Busby Berkeley Sardines in a Suitcase Project

train sardines to be travelling entertainers
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Busby Berkeley arrangements (for those who don't know them) were delights of symmetrical choreographic kitsch in motion.

Often filmed in part with an overhead camera, they remain visual treats that continue to mesmerise and fill viewers (like me) with unbounded happiness.

Anyway, the idea is to train a small shoal of sardines to perform a selection of Busby Berkelely set pieces. Sardines are very clever little fish who learn easily and enjoy their work when rewarded appropriately. In this case, their work involves them being transported in a water-tight suitcase to an airport that features hapless passengers queuing in comparative misery for Ryan Air flights.

Positioning oneself adjacent to the queue, the suitcase is sprung open and the event begins. Appropriate music emerges from the water-resistant speakers, and the amazing little sardines assemble into a variety of the geometric patterns which characterised many of Busby Berkeley's performances.

For those unable to see properly, the entire sequences are also projected unto the suitcase lid for easier viewing.

under development... A Lobster in Paris - (with apologies to Gene Kelly)

xenzag, Dec 24 2011

Busby Berkeley http://sixmartinis....-on-big-screen.html
[xenzag, Dec 24 2011]

Violin Sequence http://www.youtube....watch?v=1a7JyCM0fT8
excellent in every way [xenzag, Dec 24 2011]


       That's nice.... an autobone for Christmas. Thanks.
xenzag, Dec 24 2011


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