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But this is a tv reality program

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Convince some friends to organise a television camera, lights and a microphone and have them follow you about for the day while you do the shopping. When you get to the part where you are supposed to pay for the goods - simply say 'but this is a tv reality program' and walk away.
benfrost, Jan 20 2005


       This would be an interesting stunt - the kind of stunt a *real* TV reality programme might want to film. Confusing.
hippo, Jan 20 2005

       'madam, you were clocked going 100 in a 60 zone, i'm going to have to give you a ticket.'   

       'but this is a tv reality program' (drives away)
benfrost, Jan 20 2005

       "Mr Frost, I'm arresting you for murder..."
hippo, Jan 20 2005

       "Golly gee, you have three legs, your breast is resting on a crutch and your watch is melting!"
"But this is a TV sur..."
FarmerJohn, Jan 20 2005

       As in quantum experiments, observation affects the result.
egbert, Jan 20 2005

       Dali good FJ
po, Jan 20 2005

       So I guess "The devil made me do it" is passé?
Machiavelli, Jan 20 2005

       "I don't get this idea." "But this is a TV reality program." "Oh, I get it."

"You're under arrest for bank robbery!" "<laughs> A man of your obvious acting talents ought to find better work than a TV reality program!"
cuckoointherye, Jan 20 2005

       "How dare you making obscene phone calls!"
"But this is a radio reality program."
FarmerJohn, Jan 21 2005

       A: "But this is a tv reality program."   

       B: "Lemme guess, 'Cops'?" (Proceeds to introduce you to some reality.)   

       As bad as this is, I am resigned that for some unexplained reason, I am compelled to give benfrost a croissant.[+]
sophocles, Jan 21 2005

       fishbone? but this is a reality tv program.
benfrost, Jan 21 2005

       Stop messing with that Halfbakery site when you're supposed to be working! But this is a reality tv program.
skinflaps, Jan 21 2005

       //There is no reality when cameras are on//   

       I'd say, it's not the presence or activity of cameras. It's the knowledge of the presence or activity of cameras what makes reality not be so. As long as people don't know cameras are there, things remain real. Some doccumentary filmmakers (like Frederick Wiseman) hid their equipment from the object of the documentary, for things to remain real.
Pericles, Jan 21 2005

       Yeah, [Brau] really hit on something there. That's why the world on telly is never real, whether you're watching fiction or not. The internet isn't really real either. Real life isn't exactly.... I'm going to bed.
wagster, Jan 22 2005

       "We, the goode and efteemed leaders of Salem, with God and all townfolke as our witneff, hereby charge ye wythe openning the Dreade Portall, and hence summonning aforth the forces of ye Elder World, and consygning thif towne and all herein, indeed thif entire land and worlde and all poor soules upon itt, to rule under the hideouf Shub-Niggurath and the damned minions of hers. Prepare for the flames of the pyre, ye childe of the Devil!"   

       "But this is... 1720. Crap."
Detly, Jan 22 2005

       She knows the year!!! She's a witch get her!!!
cuckoointherye, Jan 23 2005

       Patient: "Doctor, you've got to help me! I think I'm going crazy. I just keep having these visions pop into my head. I can't tell what's real anymore."
Doctor: "I see. I would normally ask you how you feel about that, but this is a reality tv show, you understand?"
Canuck, Jan 23 2005

       Death: "I am here to take you from this mortal existence."   

       Man: "But this a reality series"   

       Death: "Oh... Make sure those cameras get my good side. Hi Mom!" (+)
MrDaliLlama, Jan 23 2005

       I loved to receive such "tv reality program" from HB users :-). We could simply record our days (surroundings, places, what we do etc.), write it to DVD and send to each other. Would be interesting, I think.
Inyuki, Jan 24 2005


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