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Carrot or a Pair of Shoes?

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A weekly half-hour quiz/reality program in which three contestants vie for a monetary prize.

At the beginning of each program, the host/presenter motions toward a pedestal upon which rests either a carrot, or a pair of shoes, and asks the program's catchphrase question, "Is this a carrot or a pair of shoes?"

The contestant who first buzzes in with the correct answer wins the prize and will be the returning champion on the next show to compete against two new contestants.

The contest is made more difficult by an ever changing buzzing-in process. There are no obvious buzzer buttons, only cryptic clues. On each program the contestants must discover what the buzzer process is for that show, and be the first to make it function.

For example, the buzzer systems could be supplied in a disassembled state, and contestants must build one out of supplied electronics components, or Rube Goldbergian collections of random objects. Or, they may be hidden in various locations outside of the television studio, with clues provided for their locations. As the show progresses through episodes, the buzzer methods become increasingly complex and occasionally several episodes may be required before a question is answered correctly.

tatterdemalion, May 17 2011

The Hardest Quiz Show In The World The_20Hardest_20Qui..._20In_20The_20World
by phundug. Not the same. [calum, May 17 2011]

Just to complicate things up a little. https://img.etsysta....604086146_61zm.jpg
[MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2018]


       Excellent. I would propose that for the first series at least, this rule is not explained to the contestants, beyond the host admonishing "I can't accept your answer 'til you buzz, I'm afraid" and then leaving them to it. This will lead to a surfiet of easily montageable footage of contestants looking confused, irked and, one hopes, sweaty and desparate.
calum, May 17 2011

       This is nothing less than a refined form of pubic torture and humiliation.   

8th of 7, May 17 2011

       Bzzz. (spoken)   

       I win!
Twizz, May 17 2011

       Clever - contestants may also take a few tries to discover than the correct answer, when seeing a pair of shoes is "carrot" and vice versa.
hippo, May 17 2011

       A big screen should be displayed to the studio audience, and to the audience at home, stating what the required answer is, and giving a running commentary on how well the contestants are doing.
pocmloc, May 17 2011

       Building random things is quite fun; watching people build things is really rather dull, however.
RayfordSteele, May 17 2011

       [RayfordSteele], it's not really about building things, that's only one possibility. It's about being the first to solve the puzzle, whatever it may be. I imagine an almost Amazing-Race aspect to the game.
tatterdemalion, May 17 2011

       //This is nothing less than a refined form of pubic torture and humiliation. // Did you actually mean to say what you actually said?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2018

       Do you think we should we have put <irony>-</irony> qualifiers round it as an aid to the Hard of Thinking ?
8th of 7, Mar 06 2018

       It's just that your puns aren't normally as good as even that feeble effort, so I wondered if it was a mistake.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2018

       ... also that you might have intended to put on a freshly-laundered L before going out in pubic.
pertinax, Mar 07 2018

       What happens if (after the first episode is aired of course) a contestant brings his own buzzer?   

       //pubic torture//   


       //"I can't accept your answer 'til you buzz, I'm afraid" and then leaving them to it.//   

       Would only work the first time, unless you film the entire season before airing the first episode, then it only works for the first season.
Skewed, Mar 07 2018

       // //pubic torture//   

       ?? //   

       You're splitting hairs, now ....
8th of 7, Mar 07 2018


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