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Butter Leaf

less than paper thin
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Butter Leaf - like gold leaf but edible. Can be kept in the freezer so it lasts for ages, simply peel off a leaf and apply to toast for an instant even coating.

credit to [marklar]

nuclear hobo, May 02 2007

scroll down for edible gold leaf http://www.goldleaf...y.com/goldleaf.html
[xandram, May 02 2007]


       I believe they already make edible gold leaf. It's true. I saw it on Discovery Channel.
Abusementpark, May 02 2007

       Bunnage, obviously [+]
marklar, May 02 2007

       btw, some gold leaf is edible. (not that I'd want to...)
xandram, May 02 2007

       The point is that it's butter, not that it's something thin that you can eat. the reference to gold leaf is just so you can compare it to something.
marklar, May 02 2007

       This would be more like a slice of cheese. Perhaps wax coated. Or even cheese coated. A cheese/butter/cheese laminate.
ldischler, May 02 2007

       Too thin. I would want it about 1mm (.040 inch) thick. This could easily be molded onto sheets of the parchment paper that is used to wrap butter. Peel off, apply, remove backing when butter is melted. [+] !
batou, May 03 2007

       If you could find some (edible) coating that could keep the butter from sticking to itself, you could sell the stuff in rolls.
DrCurry, May 03 2007

       (+) Keep churn'n them out.   

       I'm certain I have seen it somewhere, I swear! I just can't find it! Spray-on butter! 'Nuff said!   

       <aside - have I exceeded my ! limit yet? >   

       And I mean real butter, not the fake stuff. All the taste and goodness, with all the badness still there so I can enjoy it while feeling guilty.   

       In a refillable dispenser so there's a minimum of wasted packaging.   

       Mmmm, butter. <wipes drool from chin>
Canuck, May 05 2007

       I'm lactose intolerant. Real Butter gives me explosive diahreah, diarhea, di... the Sh*ts. . BUN!
twitch, May 05 2007

       Was it Groucho Marx that once said "I can't tolerate people who are lactose intolerant"?
Canuck, May 05 2007

       like it
Basouille, Mar 28 2009


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