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Butter Machine

You already make bread with a bread machine, but for complete independence you'll need one of these.
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Ok, a bread machine is great, but why do I have to run to the store to get butter. Shouldn't I be able to make that, too?

The butter machine runs on rechargeable batteries and stores in the refridgerator. It's lightweight. You are able to pick it up and spread butter with the convenient spreader attachment. Of course the spreader attachment is heated--so gone are the days of "hard butter, soft bread" mishaps.

Captain Stress, Jan 15 2001

(?) Jumbo-sized versions... http://www.schiercompany.com/butter.htm
"600 gal. capacity General Dairy Vane Aluminum Butter Churn, Model 1, size 6 LA, stand mounted w/10 hp drive, batch tumble process, produces 2,000-2,800 lbs. per batch, excellent overall condition..." OK, so it's not battery-powered, but you'd never want for butter again. Heated spreader attachment extra. [egnor, Jan 15 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Coäts http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Coäts
Get the milk from cat-sized cows. [phoenix, Jan 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I think the heated butter spreader needs its own idea.
egnor, Jan 16 2001

       Excellent idea. You could get your electric churn to make junket with the whey by-product, too.
Lemon, Jan 16 2001

       This is a pretty good idea. The question is whether your made-at-home butter would be better than the kind bought at the store. The other question is cost. It takes a good bit of cream (not super-cheap) to make butter. In other words, it's the old cost-benefit thing. I suspect that you'll come out on the plus side, but the market would still probably be limited.
Vance, Feb 07 2001

       you should develop this and sell it in an infomercial, complete with training video and recipe booklet for herb-seasoned butter, honey butter, etc. I wonder if a coffee grinder could be modified to churn....
callee, Aug 08 2001

       NEW IDEA: Cream machine - create cream by attaching your own cow to this little baby and you'll have enough cream to make copius amounts of butter. (bovine not included)
kaz, Sep 05 2001

       NEW IDEA: Cow machine - synthesize your own cows by supplying it with old beer cans, mulch, and Hummel figrines, kick-starting it with a good 1.21 gigawatts of juice. Great Scott!
jester, Mar 26 2002

       The table top butter churn has been around for some time, it's called a 'kitchen aid mixer".   

       Cream, a wire whip head, and about 10 minutes of high agitation in the 50-55F degree range will result in some of the nicest butter you could eat. Add salt to taste, or herbs, spices, honey, etc.! 4 lbs of cream (.5 gal) should yield approx. 2 lbs of butter, plus butter milk. Once the buttermilk separates, drain it off and add a splash of water. mix again, draining and adding water until the butter is clean. Store in wax paper, or freeze for up to a year (salted).
jpnick, Nov 02 2007


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