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Butter in a metal tube

Melt the butter & squirt it where you will
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If butter came in metal tubes, with wide flat metal caps that also served as the base for the tube (shower goo comes in plasitc tubes of this shape) - one could balance the tube on top of the toaster or the oven, thus melting the bottom of the butter, and squirt the melted butter about neatly.

I'd like to go camping with this, too. Camping stores sell reusable plastic tubes to put peanut butter, etc., in; the right weight of metal might also be reusable. (Mmmm. Melted peanut butter could also be spread neatly. Chocolate, too, depending on temper.)

This is an alternate solution to taution's 'happy toaster' and one of egnor's annotations thereto, q.v.

hello_c, Jun 27 2001

happy toaster http://www.halfbake..._20a_20metal_20tube
Heat a knife to cut the butter [hello_c, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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[phoenix, Jun 12 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Could be baked and improved upon by existing technologies. McD's has several sauces which are applies via chalking gun, a metal dispenser with replaceable cardboard tubes. However, rather than metal, i'd use ceramics or something so that its microwave safe.
nick_n_uit, Jun 27 2001

       That's a caulking gun, nick_n_uit, unless you're commenting on McD's sauce consistency.   

       Sure it's bakeable with present tech. It was bakeable with 1840s tech; metal squeeze tubes were invented then. But, like Frankenstein's monster, mere matter lies inert until struck by the vital spark of a bad idea.
hello_c, Jun 27 2001

       *But* if the goal is to wield oleo napalm...
The Military, Jul 04 2001

       this is a tad off the subject, but i know a kid who kind of invented the "butter stick" which was basically like the twist up glue sticks only instead of cheap glue it would be filled with butter...It would be ideal for "rolling" on to bread...
Miss bunny, Jul 04 2001

       Miss Bunny's butter stick already exists as a Chindogu ...
8th of 7, Jun 12 2002


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