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cash per years rehabilitated (prison system)

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If there are countries paying prison companies for number of prisoners held... then don't. Its basic economics of perverse incentive.

Instead, pay prison system for the number of years that a prisoner doesn't re-offend. This will be done in a logarithmic graph, up to the max that we are willing to pay to have the prisoner not re offend at a future date.

So now, instead of private prison being paid to hold prisoners, they are being paid to keep prisoners out of prison.

Nothing more said.

mofosyne, Jul 14 2013


       Care miles?
Ling, Jul 14 2013

       Heck, cut out the middle man. Pay prisoner not to reoffend! Payment to prisoner would be scaled according to potential profit accrued by reoffense - so public urination would be worth only a few $ / month, but forgery would probably be worth several thousand / month.
bungston, Jul 14 2013

       “You ain't seen nothin’ until you've been in an /American/ prison. Lemme tell ya… They're so desperate to keep people from coming back in, it's just about the closest thing to Hell on Earth in there. Made the time I did in Istanbul look like Disneyland by comparison.”
ytk, Jul 14 2013

       Contrary to popular belief making prisons hellish is actually ineffective in preventing recidivism. For evidence look at the difference between recidivism rates between US and European jails.
Voice, Jul 14 2013


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