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Inspired by butt perfume
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Andouillette sausages.

I haven't been able to get butt perfume out of my head for the last few days and, maybe in homage to that, am proposing buttsages, a cultural movement for America.

Many things in everyday life smell a little like butt, including roses, but especially sausages, and especially Andouillette sausages. That's because they are made out of butt. Not a selling point outside of France. It seems disingenuous to me to call them Andouillette sausages outside of France and not butt sausages -- that as a culture we don't acknowledge and celebrate their origin. Buttsages would not only be a product but also a cultural recognition of the presence and importance of butt stuff.

Andouillette sausages smell like poop because they are made with meat that comes from the colon of the animal.

Butt sausages are something that a second grader would find funny.

Why not put the two together?


JesusHChrist, May 07 2014


       I'm not proud.
JesusHChrist, May 07 2014

       As well...
blissmiss, May 07 2014

       (wondering how many second graders we have here?) But really - Butt Sages are the *all knowing sages of things Butt*.
xandram, May 07 2014

       //I haven't been able to get butt perfume out of my head for the last few days//   

       A few trepanning holes should let that dissipate.
nick_n_uit, May 13 2014

       So, not butt-scented corsages then.
normzone, May 13 2014


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