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Atkins' for Vegetarians

A restaurant where everything looks non-meat, but is
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I am tired of vegetable products made to look like meat. I propose an eatery where everything looks like a vegetable, fruit, pasta etc. but is actually meat. And I am not on the Atkins’ diet. You could make thinly sliced ham look like lettuce, or dyed sausage to look like a cucumber. And pasta could be easily accomplished with intestines and rawish meat. Iced abalone sweetened with sugar makes good iced cream. And all diary could be made to taste like soy products. Maybe it could be called Meat Tooth, or carnivorarian. Maybe I am kinda hungry and only have spam.
jpcutler, Jan 22 2004


       Again, another "why didn't I think of that". I guess because I was not thinking of that. Anyway, I'm in!
clafever, Jan 22 2004

       Would be fun to take a vegetarian out to that restaurant, but don't tell what's cominging. Revenge for all the times when I thought I got duck, but it was just tofu skins.
kbecker, Jan 22 2004

       Yeah. Order a big salad, eat the whole thing, keel over dead from clogged arteries. (anyway, if you don't die, you'll be stuck in the bathroom for a week. bring 2 crates of Charmin and a few good novels.)
spacecadet, Jan 22 2004

       Vegetarians get sick from eating meat, they lose the proper enzymes to digest it over time.
SystemAdmin, Jan 23 2004

       so, is this restaruant designed to trick vegetarians into eating meat? or is it for meatatarians?   

       it's a disgusting silly idea. but why would hardcore meat eaters eat anything resembling a vegetable?
Kociol, Jul 15 2006


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