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Buy the NFT of the NFT of this idea!

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If the NFT (whatever that is) of a thing can be sold for a lot of money (for some reason no one understands) then it logically follows that the NFT of an NFT can be sold for even more.
hippo, Sep 02 2021

another self-referential NFT idea https://www2.bfi.or...eople/4ce2b88917eac
[pertinax, Sep 04 2021]


       <screenprint> I'll be saving this for later...
zen_tom, Sep 02 2021

       The new Bitcoin maybe? How do I get in on the ground floor?   

       I'd like to see a proposed growth chart with a question mark indicating what that chart line represents. Question marks on the X and Y lines as well.
doctorremulac3, Sep 02 2021

       I prefer vNFT which is a virtual NFT. The way it works is that it is exactly the same as a NFT except it doesn't use any of the blockchain apparatus and technical stuff that ordinary NFTs do. This makes it more exciting and trendy (blockchains are sooo last year) and also more environmentally friendly (blockchains burn through fossil fuels).   

       So what does vNFT do? The answer is, it enables you the sucker to give me, the vNFT creator, shed loads of money in return for me giving you the vNFT.   

       Bidding on the vNFT for this annotation will open tomorrow. The starting bid is £5,000. Place your bids quickly as this one is going to the moon!
pocmloc, Sep 02 2021


       What a word.   

       Hints of: fungi, gullible, fund, grunge Sponge, Fun!
Frankx, Sep 02 2021

       [Frankx] brilliant! The marketing tag line will be “This puts the fungi into non-fungible!”
hippo, Sep 02 2021

       //for some reason no one understands//   

       The reason is money laundering.
Voice, Sep 02 2021

       HB tagline: "Puts the fungi into fungible"   

       [Frankx]: guy, fun guy.   

       <Sgt hides under desk, avoiding Bunned, James Bunned>
Sgt Teacup, Sep 03 2021

       Wonder who's going to generate the world's first NFT Ponzi scheme?
xenzag, Sep 03 2021

       [xenzag]; I think that ship has sailed... isn't the whole point to get more money from the next sucker?
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 03 2021

       I knew I shouldn't have listened to that MFT salesman.   

       No, technically this is not a ponzi scheme; that is when you give me money in return for my promise to give you more back later, but my only source for acquiring the more, is to get other suckers to give me their money on the same deal, i.e. that my liabilities inevitably grow faster than my income.   

       This is a simpler scam but I don't know what it's called. This one is where you give me your money and I give you something worthless in return.
pocmloc, Sep 03 2021

       The NFT Ponzi does depend on you duplicating it and selling it, but you can only duplicate it by placing it inside another NFT [Hippo's idea] The cost of this goes into the blockchain but you get that back when 2 more duplicates are made and fed in. As this expands, the ones at the top of the pyramid rake in the inputs of those below. I have it all worked out and I'm going to get it made into an NTF....
xenzag, Sep 03 2021

       {Sgt]...//Bunned, James Bunned//   

       HA! Nearly a coffee/keyboard incident there!
Frankx, Sep 03 2021

       The National Film Theatre are delighted (see link).
pertinax, Sep 04 2021


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