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Can o' Ether

improved networking for the gullible
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Everyone loves their Ethernet but it's a real shame that particular name was already used up by the time wireless came along. Wireless networks obviously travel through the ether. But where does that ether come from?

So, in an alternate world where 802.11 networks are commonly called ethernet, I propose selling the can o' ether to gullible customers.

The can o' ether is a cylindrical metal container filled with the mysterious medium through which wireless data travels. The product is manufactured from 1. Air and 2. Cans by proprietary processes in a special factory. A trained professional releases the ether into the premises as part of the wireless networking installation for that special touch.

Increase the performance of your next wireless network with a genuine can o' ether.

joeforker, Jul 05 2005


       Or, put real ether in it for some amusing side effects.
5th Earth, Jul 05 2005

       A can of real ether--the chemical, not the concept--is very handy for starting engines on very cold mornings. It is sold as 'starting fluid' at automobile supply places in cold climates. Spray some into the air cleaner and the carburetor for easy ignition.   

       Spray some onto a handkerchief and you'll probably poison somebody--IIRC, they put something nasty in it to prevent the more traditional uses of ether. But you could probably spray it into the air as you describe, anyhow--if a few computer people get all sleepy and brain-damaged . . .
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       Yes, real ether. Good stuff. Sweet smelling. You can use it for anesthetizing a medical patient, but there are problems. Doctor comes in smoking a cigarrette -- fooom! Patient goes up in flames.
joeforker, Jul 13 2005

       but i dont want to be put in a can. mommy!!! boohoohoo!!!
etherman, Jul 13 2005


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