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special society's bar/pub
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this is a bar/ pub for special society such as for example, hotelier's bar..i want to create a sense of belonging to this particular group of people in this bar, giving them very special rates for drinks & food, perhaps i want to make this an exclusive place for such people, & they can only bring a max of 2 friends to the bar. they need to show their ID as a proof that they are working in a hotel. this is will a great place for the industry players to exchange ideas, brainstorming, etc. this will also be the place where they will advertise vacancies in their hotels, to get new staffs, etc..

this is not only applicable for hoteliers. we can use so many society's for this purpose, eg..lawyer, real estate agents, doctors, engineers, etc !!

tekwei98, Sep 03 2002

(?) Robber Barons http://www.pixelpla...20The%20Iron%20Seed
Wherelse but Halfbakery do men debate ‘firsts’ so arduously? [reensure, Sep 03 2002]

The official site of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain http://www.quaker.org.uk/
[angel, Sep 05 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Intro to cheers https://www.youtube...watch?v=h-mi0r0LpXo
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       Actually , private golf and athletic clubs, cigar clubs, military officers' clubs and fraternal societies like the Brotherhood of Elks and Veterans of Foreign Wars used to do a pretty good imitation of this idea in Middle-America. Sons of Italy had many of the urban markets effectively covered until the Corleone Family invited so much attention in Godfather 3. All of these proved to be good places to make friends with people of similar histories and social circumstances; however, I don't think many of them had quite the same earnest altruism that you envisage in mind.
jurist, Sep 03 2002

       Plus one croissant with sugar on top. (+)
bristolz, Sep 03 2002

       Somewhat baked in the so-called "Working Men's Clubs" in UK. Although they are now just a place for a certain type of person to get cheap beer to a background of loud, third-rate cabaret acts and bingo, they were originally a 'working-class' version of the gentlemen's clubs (English meaning) of the middle class. They were established mainly by Trade Unions for their own members, so there would be, for example, a club for electricians, one for engineers, and so on. Sometimes, also, a club would provide for all of the workforce of a large employer, as did the Railwaymen's Institute round the corner from my home, near to both the world's first passenger railway station and one of the largest rolling-stock factories.
angel, Sep 03 2002

       //the world's first passenger railway station// - this implies that at one time there was just one passenger railway station. I would have thought that to be useful a railway would have had to have at least two stations...
hippo, Sep 03 2002

       Minor details like that, hippo, only matter to those who are departing...never those arriving.
jurist, Sep 03 2002

       like a child's toy model railway. one circular track and one station :)
po, Sep 03 2002

       //this implies that at one time there was just one passenger railway station//
Of course, as must have been the case, unless two or more were completed at exactly the same time. In fact, Darlington North Road Station *was* the first purpose-built passenger station, as the other two stations on the line, Stockton and Shildon, were originally goods stations. (Incidentally, the bridge pictured on the back of the £5 note is about 200 yards from my home.)
angel, Sep 03 2002

       Is yr house the one at the top of the hill with the smoke coming out of its chimney?
-alx, Sep 03 2002

       Sadly, no. My house wasn't built in 1825. It was, at one time, owned by George Stephenson's grandson, John Hadrick Stephenson, who married Emily(?) Fox. (They were both of Quaker families, of which there were several in high positions in Darlington.)

[edit] After checking, I see that Mary (not Emily) Fox was married to Joseph Whitwell Pease whom I mention below, not to Stephenson. My confuselment came about because of the connection that both men have with my house.
angel, Sep 03 2002

       Angel and Quakers linked: an oddity like that pretty much confirms the seven-degrees of separation theory in my mind.
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2002

       Can we have a worldwide chain of halfbakers only clubs please, with decent non alcoholic bevarages availiable for those of us who are underage.
kaz, Sep 04 2002

       And even those of us who aren't.
half, Sep 04 2002

       I have no Quaker connections, but Darlington its elf was huge in the movement. (The soccer team is nicknamed "The Quakers".) The Pease family were effectively the founding fathers of the modern town, and most of the businessmen in the 18th and 19th centuries (the Backhouse family being the most influential) were Quakers. (Joseph Whitwell Pease is also a previous owner of my house.)
A friend who lives near me is not allowed to make beer or wine in his house because of a covenant placed on the property by a Quaker owner in the 1800s, and the pubs close to the Quaker cemetary in the town centre only recently gained permission to sell spirits on Sundays.
angel, Sep 05 2002

       Open a Quaker Bar - not the chewy granola one, but the drunken lout one - Quakers Only.
thumbwax, Sep 05 2002

       There is already a pub called the Quaker - actually the Quaker Coffee House, which now has a drinks license.
The Society of Friends advocates moderation in alcohol intake (as in most things), so there's little chance of seeing drunken loutish Quakers (unless you mean the soccer team and supporters). See linky for more info.
angel, Sep 05 2002

       [tekwei98] gained the account on September 2, 2002, posted this idea the same day, and was never heard from again. The user name is associated with some other activity on the 'net as recently as a few years ago.
normzone, Feb 25 2017


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