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Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Connects to Bluetooth sources and broadcasts the audio on FM frequencies.
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Looks like this is getting close, but no one seems to have put it together yet.

The idea is to have a Bluetooth enabled audio source pair with this device which will then broadcast the audio on FM radio frequencies. Audio from your PDA, cell phone, MP3 player, etc. is played through your car or home speakers.

If it's powered by 12VDC, a 110VAC/12VDC adaptor would allow use in the car or at home.

Wow! Tough crowd. (3) fishbones?

Despite the negative response, I'm happy and proud to say this one is apparently at least partially baked. According to Bluetooth.com and btdesigner.com, a company called Com One (or Com1) is making my idea under the moniker 'Traveller and Orbiter Car Kit'. It's a bit on the ugly side, but according to the "Engrish" description, it does what I want. I say "partially baked' because no one's home at their website. They look to be a large org so I'll keep trying.

Thanks, and an extension of my tongue to all. 8^)

Qubit, Aug 07 2004

It's not bluetooth http://catalog.belk...=&Product_Id=140984
but if your device has a headphone jack, you're set. [half, Oct 04 2004]

Similar to the Link Above http://www.griffint...com/products/itrip/
.. but it's the one I have and, yes, it's great in the car or hotel room .. [bpilot, Oct 04 2004]


       Having to carry two devices seems a backward step to me.
benjamin, Aug 07 2004

       I used to have a portable cd player that had a FM transmitter. Oh, how I wished I could have turned up the power output and terrorize people.
destructionism, Aug 07 2004

       Is there a standard for hifi bluetooth audio yet? The voice part of the bluetooth bandwidth (as used by handsfree headsets etc) is standards-based, but last time I checked, using the (larger) data bandwidth for audio wasn't, so there was no way for consumer devices to be compatible. The voice channel is fine for phone calls etc but not great for music.
benjamin, Aug 08 2004

       I _think_ I speak for a fair few bakers when I say that the idea's good, it's just a quirk of the halfbakery to recoil from the word "bluetooth" on account of it being used as some sort of magic panacea.   

       [edit, months later] I desperately need one of these for a paper exercise to develop a business plan. Or at least, I need a decent and low-cost unit to receive a bluetooth audio signal and output it through a standard 3.5mm jack.
david_scothern, Aug 09 2004

       [destucto] I used to do just that by touching the antenna on my transmitter to the metal wall of the school bus. The ground would carry the signal to ruin the driver's reception all the way from the back of the bus.
swamilad, Aug 10 2004

       This is compelely possible. You have to combine 2 seperate components. The first is Bluethooth audio reciever, from Scosche (www.dbldistributing.com). The device has stereo audio outputs via RCA style connections. It recieves bluetooth stereo audio. Once you have the reciever configured you just need to connect the FM transmitter to the output. This is in no way a compact, portable device, but it works great if you always have your MP3 player on you. I use the system in my car. My PDA phone outputs stereo bluetooth, so when I get into my car its just a matter of pressing play! No stupid cables to connect or dash mount to play with, just one button.
evilpenguin, Dec 18 2006

       There's a better way to do that. Go to satechi.com and buy the bluetooth fm transmitter they have. It plugs into your cars cigarette lighter and uses your car stereo for audio output. You can sync you bluetooth phone to it and plug in a mp3 player. Then you can here the music from your mp3 player and when you get a call, it will ring through your stereo speakers. You can talk as you drive because it has a built in mic, you'll hear it through you car speakers and when the calls done, the music comes back on. I have one and it works perfectly.
EB_Tech, Apr 12 2007

       Wouldn't this be baked by any short-range FM transmitter, such as those used to play CDs in cars with just radios, etc.? All you need to do it run the bluetooth receiver to the transmitter instead.
ironfroggy, Apr 13 2007


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