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CPU/Beer Fridge

Cool your beer and your CPU, too!
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A small, bar-sized (or british-sized) fridge with two compartments. Simply rip out the fans, stuff the CPU into the 'computer side', connect the internal cables to the computer (supplied with all common connectors), and plug your external peripherals into the side of the fridge.

Add your favourite malt beverage to the other side, and never worry about your over-clocked computer overheating again!

Bonus sound deadening, save for the fridge power cycling once in a while to keep the contents cool.

Cedar Park, Mar 25 2003

Icicle Inside http://www.halfbake.../Icicle_20Inside_99
At lease give some recognition of miasere's idea. [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Similar idea, [World], but Icicle is simply disassembling a fridge and attaching its cooling parts to a computer case, which has been baked in more compact ways for quite a long time.   

       My idea offers the halfbaker the choice of his or her favourite cooled beverage.   

       As a added promotional tie in, a free spillproof keyboard and mouse are included with every fridge!
Cedar Park, Mar 25 2003

       True, as Worldgineer says, miasere beat you to this one CP.
Freelancer, Mar 25 2003

       Cedar, I just wanted you to mention that mia helped you think of this, if that's true. I appreciate the beer storage addition and feel it's a key feature.   

       Now, if we can take Cedar's fridge and mia's range-keyboard and really get cooking.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       [World]: Yes. Mia's idea was the spark in my concept. [Miasere]: built-in bottle opener?
Cedar Park, Mar 25 2003

       Perhaps if you put a mini-keg in the fridge the mouse could be a tap. My CPU box is kind of out of the way anyway.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       Why does it suddenly feel like work will be more fun in the future?   

       Hey, why am I the only one who's voted for this? What is wrong with you people?
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       Blah, blah, fridge, CPU, beer, coldcuts, frost, short circuit, fire, oh my.
phoenix, Mar 25 2003


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