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Cooling Fan Orchestra

office sounds
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A series of networked computers, with different pitched cooling fans that spin at programmed rates to provide note sequences in the tune of the conductor's choice. Microphones may be attached to amplify the sounds.
benfrost, Dec 23 2004

The User http://www.sat.qc.c...atrix/en/intro.html
A symphony played out on outdated printers. [photojunkie, Dec 24 2004]


       A bunch of bicycle wheels at different speeds with clickers but this is different. A bunch of lint stuck in fan cages.
mensmaximus, Dec 23 2004

       Printers are very rhythmical also. Who hasn't had a jolly good to jig the sound of a document being given birth to?
spiritualized, Dec 23 2004

       In William Kotzwinkle's '74 novel "The Fan Man", the hero assembles a concert of handheld fans (which he also sells), all humming away at the same time.
jutta, Dec 24 2004

       I want one of these for my fridge (which is whirring away monotonally as I type).
DrCurry, Dec 24 2004

       No. It's "Your GUITAR, sounds like a symphony" - the Carpenters
mensmaximus, Dec 24 2004

       spir: check out 'The User' for an example of dot matrix printers actualy being used to create music. (linky)
photojunkie, Dec 24 2004

       //Who hasn't had a jolly good to jig the sound of a document being given birth to?//   

       <nervously raises hand>
pertinax, Apr 26 2007

       Wow, the link still works.   

       This idea is brought to you courtesy of the random button - keeping you guessing, since ...
normzone, Sep 21 2016


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