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Dedicated Electronics Ventilation

Prolong the life of your electronics, save energy.
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Sitting in an air-conditioned room, I have a fair amount of electrical/electronic devices, my TV, VCR, DVD, STEREO, Computer, etc, and they all need what we all need, clean air to keep them cool and properly functioning. Also to mention is that they put out, sometimes even a lot, of heat, which just works against my air conditioner and wastes money.

My idea is to provide standard holes in the back of my electronic devices that provide for the cooling and cleanliness of my electronics.

A hose is hooked up to one of the holes, from which a healthy supply of cool air rushes in, filtered from all the dust in our regular house air. Another hose is hooked up to take the heated air out so as not to raise the temperature of my room and increase my electricity bill.

More than being a somewhat good idea for homes and rooms, it would be better used in office space and cubicle dungeons. small air ducts could be added to cubicle innards to make for easy and convenient hook-ups, and the company saves money because their equipment lasts longer and they don't have to spend as much on their energy bill. If companies had the money, they could use really really cold air to cool the CPUs to theorectically boost their speed.

twitch, Apr 25 2007


       Where do the hoses come from and lead to? Outside?
BJS, Apr 26 2007

       >A hose is hooked up to one of the holes, from which a healthy supply of cool air rushes in<   

       Where does this cool air come from? If it's outside, why not open a window? If it's from your A/C, I doubt strongly that you're "saving energy."   

       A network of hoses in a house or office space invites yet another place that collects dust, mold, etc.   

       You're far better off buying electronics that require less power, less cooling, etc.   

       If you heat your house in winter with electric heat, there's very little difference in running a few consumer electronics gadgets vs. running the heater a bit longer.
csea, Apr 26 2007

       I think there is an advantage: In a normal set-up, office air at 20C (?) is heated to around 30C (?) in the PC and monitor, and discharged back into the office where it must be cooled again. But before it is re-cooled, it raises the average temperature of the office.   

       If the 30C air is discharged directly outside, then the office remains at 20C.   

       In each case, you would think that the office air conditioning must supply 20C air to the PC at the same rate. But in one case, the ambient air around the PC is higher than the other. That means the air conditioning must be set slightly lower to compensate, which consumes more power.   

       I don't think the feed air should come from outside, because the lifetime of electronics is severely affected by the temperature, and when the air conditioning is running it is likely that the outside temperature is too high.
Ling, Apr 26 2007

       Why would you run outside air? Okay, I didn't elaborate on where the air would come from or go to. It would come from a central filtering and cooling system. It would go outside if you live in a hot country or state, like me, i'm in hawaii, and it would probably stay inside if you live in a could place, or not be used at all. Also, another factor here is humidity and electronics. Hawaii is a high humidity state, and having this system would allow you to have open window cooling of the room, while your electronics are cooled and kept clean and dry by this sytem, thus saving energy.
twitch, Apr 26 2007

       //i'm in hawaii//   

       Ok, I'll bite. I'm in Oklahoma, which gets quite hot but not nearly as humid, so I gotta ask: why are you sitting there in a tropical paradise worrying about cooling your electronics? There's a beach out there!
Noexit, Apr 26 2007

       [Noexit], you're right, I have to walk but 1 minute and then i'm in the water already. I also have a brand new surf board that hasn't been used yet, in 2 years. My wife works as a teacher, and I work 2 jobs mostly during the evening, I watch my baby during the day, wait for my wife, and then go to work. My baby's napping. I can't go surfing, but I can write an anno, that's fine.   

       We aren't rich or anything, far from it. It is just really really expensive here.
twitch, Apr 26 2007


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