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CVT-Controlled Turbo

Anti lag and some other benefits
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Let me start off by noting that this idea isn't just to get rid of turbo lag (since there are already ways of doing that).

In a turbocharger, the exhaust driven turbine and air compressor share the same axle. Between the turbine and compressor, there can be special gearing (ie: for one turn of the turbine the compressor spins 3 times) but only ever one gear setting to the best of my knowledge. I propose that some sort of CVT be place between the turbine and compressor to be able to varry the output speed (a Comet torque converter rigged to be computer controlled would work). That way from idle, the gearing would be lower so that the turbine would have an easier time spooling up the compessor. The CVT would be able to fine tune boost control also. With CVT torque converters (like the ones used on go-karts) designed for low torque motors, the losses would likely be pretty low.

acurafan07, Jul 24 2007

CVT supercharger drive CVT_20supercharger_20drive
Surprisingly, I'm the only one who bunned it. [acurafan07, Jul 25 2007]


       Nice idea, seems though that the ~100,000 rpm needed might be hard to achieve with that many moving parts.
Giblet, Jul 24 2007

       It reminds me a bit of the differential-turbo-compound experiments of years back - I can't find a decent link, sorry - but without the linking of power output shafts. I've long been fascinated with the idea of a point where a supercharged piston engine becomes a turbine and vice versa.
Ned_Ludd, Jul 24 2007

       I actually though of this exact idea a while back, but I never posted it because I didn't think people would like it.   

       I also thought it could be used in an actual jet engine or turbine engine.
BJS, Jul 24 2007

       "I also thought it could be used in an actual jet engine or turbine engine."   

       In one of my first ideas (Jet Hybrid), [jmvw] commented that a CVT could be used with the gas turbine.
acurafan07, Jul 24 2007

       //100,000 rpm// 100,000rpm??!! Bloody hell. I had no idea. You are verging on ultracentrifugation with these things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2007

       The direct mechanical link to the turbo seems to be a serious sticking point. Maybe a CVT-powered blower might be a better solution, one that as the engine runs slower, itself is geared up and fires more air into the turbine to keep the impeller ticking over at a higher, more productive speed. As the engine revs increase, the supplemental blower slows down and ultimately drops out, freeing up all the available engine output for driving the car.   

       I guess that would make my alteration of your idea a supercharger for the turbocharger.
elhigh, Jul 25 2007

       Yeah, a supercharger for the turbocharger is a good idea though. Someone here posted an idea for a CVT controlled supercharger (that for some reason wasn't well liked). I'll link to it.
acurafan07, Jul 25 2007


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