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Compressed Oxygen Boost

Injecting compressed oxygen into the pistons
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As an alternative to nitrous oxide systems (NOS), imagine a system that would simply inject compressed oxygen into the pistons when activated? Sort of like, a cold oxygen boost. There could possibly be a compressor running off the battery to refill the tank.

Would this be more efficient than a cold air intake or would this be a complicated alternative to a turbo? Some feedback on this would be nice.

EDIT: The compressed oxygen would be from precompressed tanks.

JayDun419, Nov 05 2006

LOX for Boost LOX_20for_20boost
[jmvw, Nov 05 2006]

Pre-compressed-air Supercharcher pre-compressed-air_20supercharger
[jmvw, Nov 05 2006]


       A lot of people have thought of injecting compressed oxygen into the cylinders for combustion, but this is the first suggestion that compressed oxygen could be injected into the pistons. Is it for cooling or what?
baconbrain, Nov 05 2006

       baconbrain: in just very few words:   

       1. Cold air is more dense ( belive it or not, its fact) 2. more oxygen = more purpose served. 3. purpose of oxygen = to expand inside the cylinder creating torque.   

       and it would be impossible to inject LOX cause it would decompress the second you put it into regular atmosphere.
MadeInCA, Nov 06 2006

       Assuimng you meant into the cylinders not the postons....   

       I would think you would need it to be very controlled and carefully done, Oxygen is, (surprise! ;-) ) an oxidiser.   

       One mistake and there could be a HUGE fireball!
webfishrune, Nov 06 2006

       Two problems: First, the nitrogen in N2O helps control the burning rate and prevent detonation. Pure 02 would be too hot, and possibly even set the pistons on fire. Second, oxygen is harder to keep pressurized, and more dangerous if something goes wrong.
Barbecue, Nov 06 2006

       Ah, but you see, the tanks are *precompressed*.
ldischler, Nov 06 2006

       I hope a fishbone is enough to keep you from killing people.
Bighongry, Oct 08 2007

       I can't imagine why injecting smoked salmon into the engine would do anything.
Giblet, Oct 08 2007

       The difference between using N2O and O2 is that an O2 leak is no laughing matter.
marklar, Oct 08 2007

       .... Unless you like watching things unexpectedly burn or explode.
Custardguts, Jan 20 2009


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