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building your own mechanically driven turbo

Any ideas on a method thats available to do this?
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Seeing that the mechanically (or electrically) driven trubo compressors are very expensive to buy has anyone built or know how to build one. From what I gather they tend to drive them to a maximum of about 45,000 RPM so if the engines max is say 5000 RPM that is 9:1 ratio. Did think of possibly having this as an assist to a turbo and have a roller clutch that would disengage when the turbo ran faster.
jgittins, Mar 20 2003


       you've been hanging out for three months and this is your first post...

1) I don't think that this post shows any intelligence, consideration or understanding of the halfbakery

2)You should have read through the help files before posting anything.

3)Short version: This is already baked and you are not very bright.

4)Not trying to be helpful at all, just selfishly pointing out that you have wasted my time.
ato_de, Mar 20 2003

       [jgittins] Don't be scared off. Go back to the drawing board and think of an idea. All my idea's have been fish-boned so far. I have not given upI am still seeking the holy-croissant. Either that or I can't take a hint.
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       There you go silverstormer. You now have a pity-croissant. I'm feeling generous today. But none for jgit.
Worldgineer, Mar 20 2003

       Thanks! Pity its just one
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       Don't be greedy - it can easily be undone.
Worldgineer, Mar 20 2003

       Ok, didn't mean to sound greedy! :)
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       [a_toad] that was a little uncalled for, wasn't it?
po, Mar 20 2003

       Toad! Heh!
bungston, Mar 20 2003

       Yeah, it's a question but it's an interesting one.   

       There is the possibility of using an ancillary combustion system that generates high velocity, high temperature exhaust to drive a turbo charger at a constant rate. Maybe a model airplane jet turbine or even a modified Janitrol heater that burned a bit of gasoline and whose exhaust drives the hot side of the impeller.
Don't know that it would be cheap or particularly safe, but it would provide a constant speed, constant boost result. The waste gate would require attention though as it would need to dispense with the uneeded boost in a precise way.

       (and, yeah, I've written pretty much the exact same thing before several times)
bristolz, Mar 20 2003

       ato_de: What po said.
jgittins: what ravenswood said.
thumbwax, Mar 20 2003

       Having tuned in to this "Idea" with the anticipation of learning how to build my own mechanically driven turbo, and knowing the purpose of this board, (having read the help page and krelink's wonderful guidelines) I feel that my time was indeed wasted and wanted to return the favor.

Had there been any inkling of a thought that this page may have attempted to propose an iota of an idea, I would have responded more in the tone of ravenswood.

Had there been an indication that jgittins had just arrived this morning and not had time to read through the site, the help files and the responses, I would have responded more inline with silverstormer.

As it stands... I may have been a bit harsh, and I have changed my original annotation to reflect this.
ato_de, Mar 20 2003

       sp: original   

       sp: purpose   

       sp: intelligence   

       BTW your spacing sucks! <raspberry> be nice to nice newbies or I will throw you to MP9man - huge threat - this is forwarded to CIA and Mr Forwarded,   

       [a_toad] I still think you are mean spirited.   

       po with a small p pleeze
po, Mar 20 2003

       Po, have too. and I corrected the "original" spelling mistake so ;-P
guess I forgot the part about writing in a word document with a spellcheck.
ato_de, Mar 20 2003

       Not using proper spelling tends to show a lack of consideration or understanding of the halfbakery. Further, it wasted [po]'s time in that she felt compelled to correct your spelling. Such compulsions are the underpinnings of halfbakery life and you should know better by now.
bristolz, Mar 20 2003

       <Peace Keeper> Are we not being a bit harsh with [ato_de]? He made a harsh comment and has justified and corrected it. The idea's author doesn't seem to have had any objection....Yeah he probably ran away.... </Peace Keeper>
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       Well, maybe . . . my comment is slightly tongue in cheek but displeased with the personal attack nature of the commentary; "you are not very bright" etc., has no place here.
bristolz, Mar 20 2003

       //..."you are not very bright" etc., has no place here.//
noted and taken under advisement.

[po] I don't feel mean spirited. I feel like people who don't bother to learn the rules before they play are self-absorbed jerks. It has been my experience over the last forty years (or so) that self-absorbed jerks do not respond well to coddling or polite requests. This occasionally results in a pre-emptive, overwhelming flame response from me. I am sorry if I offended you, (not sorry if I offended jgittins) and I still have much to learn about the HB community.
ato_de, Mar 21 2003

       [bristolz] I think it was aimed at me, although it could have been directed toward [po] or [jgittins] as well. I couldn't see anyway it would have been directed toward you.

and now it seems to have disappeared.

[po], I would like to point out that insisting your own, correctly spelled, moniker be capitalized in a specific manner, while disdainfully twisting another's, presents a beautiful irony.
ato_de, Mar 21 2003

       //mechanically driven turbo...Any ideas...//   

       Chain driven by a set of bicycle pedals?
half, Mar 21 2003

       [ato_de] irony I like.
po, Mar 22 2003

       That might yet prove to have been the most felicitous turn of events.
jurist, Mar 22 2003

       Rod, are you refering to the Halfbakery Counter-terrorist Unit?   

       Seems on this site bristolz is always right....   

       Ok I understand with this site that its important to keep a certain standard of quality ideas posted. However any post that doesn't meet the narrow and nearly unreachable criteria in the rather less than concise and off-putting help file seems to get flammed to hell by people who like to use bullet points.   

       If anyone else would like to use this commonly used site-wide method of critique this list should help:   

       1) first insult the persons intellegence, like you are any smarter   

       2) mention the help file   

       3) if you haven't metioned the help file yet mention it here, redunantly elaborate on your previous bullet point.   

       4) re-iterate any of the above points   

       5) any additional half-brained insults you can think of   

       Thus you've wasted your own time, the readers time, taken up space that could have contained something intellegent and wasted the time of someone like me. Brilliant really....
venomx, Jul 09 2003

       "Seems on this site bristolz is always right.... "   

       Hardly. I hope that that was a tongue-in-cheek observation.
bristolz, Aug 19 2003

       dont want to rain on your parade but half these ideas have been tried years ago or are still being toyed with...old Dick Datsun that runs the drawthru turbo news group is always playing with these sorts of ideas
bmwr75r, Aug 29 2003

       JGittins suggestion has been tried several times. I remember an article on a Sulzer train diesel engine which had a mechanically driven turbine with a clutch, making it engine driven in the low rpm regions. At full throttle the clutch centrifugally disengaged, making the turbine run freely driven by its exhaust turbine blades. This system seems to have worked well but was complicated and more expensive to build and was therefore eventually abandoned.
gerhard, Oct 10 2003

       Having stumbled across this site completely by accident, and therefore being new myself, I must run to the defense of jgittins with but one point. If the question "Can it be done?", were never asked then this entire site would be pointless. Obviously it got at least one of you thinking [bristolz] and therefore served it's purpose. BTW, I did look at the dates and realise that my comments come nearly a year later, but as this was my first impression of the site I felt that i had to speak up .
TRDtnr, Jul 19 2004


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