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Extend your interactive environment
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This is a desk specifically designed to incorporate your actual physical environment into it's representation in your browser or on your desktop. For example, a rail under the outside edge of the desk can have components that attach and move such as a light on an arch track (like the sun), fans that blow a breeze, speakers that create sound, vibrations within the desk, all can move according to a preset pattern or xml rss feed from a real location. This can be visualized in total on your desktop as the drop shadows that move with the lamp, letters or banner ads flap to the breeze, earthquake tremor notifications etc. People could create and trade programs such as "History of Earthquakes in Japan" from 1000 ad to present, or use their current outside location, or Hawaii etc.
leinypoo13, Sep 26 2012


       Can it insert paragraph breaks?
normzone, Sep 26 2012

       I assume your not actually talking about the CsEsk, rather your quite slyly suggesting that I insert a break into the descriptive paragraph. However, if you are actually talking about the CsEsk, than the answer is no. It is more of an aesthetic device, rather than a grammar checker per se.
leinypoo13, Sep 26 2012

       Ooooh, I love a straight answer to a sarcastic question.
AusCan531, Sep 27 2012


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