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Cable/DSL Outage Info

Statistics on your Cable/DSL outages
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I would like to know how often my cable internet service goes down, if it is my whole neighborhood or city, what the average speeds are, etc. The statistics on speeds is a somewhat baked idea, but I have never seen outage stats. The stats could also be provided to consumers when they are deciding what service to sign up with. If Attbi is out more often than Earthlink, then I may decide to sign up with them. If people in your neighborhood downloaded a program to report these statistics to a central server, then you could view aggregate stats for your area instantly. My cable modem goes down a lot. I usually spend 30 minutes troubleshooting, with the thought that *MY* computer is messed up. Sometimes I call the ISP and they rarely know about a problem. Sometimes I wander over to my neighbor's house and see if she is working. What if I could just call an 800 number and find out instantly? The central server may often know before the ISP about a problem since data from a certain neighborhood are is longer coming in. That would save people a lot of hassle.
Thread7, Jun 17 2002

RCN Systems Status Page http://www.rcn.com/...t/status/index.html
Runs back two weeks with a link to older entries. [phoenix, Jun 17 2002]

Lossy Routers http://www.dslreports.com/badrouters
Big site: lots of other tests available. [reensure, Jun 17 2002]

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       Most ISPs don't want you to have that information. Others post both scheduled and unscheduled downtime info.   

       If you want it, ask for it. If your provider won't, switch providers and tell your old one why you're doing it.
phoenix, Jun 17 2002


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