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Calcerous Crib of cleverness

Ca++ ion affects neural development during first 72 hours (rodents) or 9 days (people) optimize Ca++ ion transdermally with calcerous crib of cleverness
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Now you could do this with a pill but then where would the cribs carved from stalagtites come from

microglia are the carpenters of neural development during the first 72 hours of rodent life they guide n edit the connections between the growing neurons Humanwise thats about 9 days

Human plasma as well as breastmilk Ca++ ion levels vary with genes plus diet This affects neural development during the first days of infancy which last the persons entire life (like retina connectivity)

Research the right dose of Ca++ ion to optimize neural development

then either raise the baby at a moist stalagtite crib or with a transdermal thing that delivers Ca++ ions

It could be as nifty as DHA It may minimize SIDS

beanangel, Aug 26 2009

Ca ion affects microglia connectivity plus editing at the brain http://www.scienced...12059996208bfda6205
Trends in Neurosciences Vol 17, No 5, 1994 Alun M. Davies The demonstration that, in the absence of neurotrophlns, a moderate Increase in the cytosohc free-Ca" + concentration promotes the survival of neurotrophm-dependent neurons ~4 raises the posslhihty that increased free-Ca 2+ concentrations might be responsible for maintaining the survival of developing neurons before they become neurotrophm dependent In support of this posslblhty is the demonstration that bls-(o-amlnophenoxy)-ethane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetm acid (BAPTA, an mtracellular Ca z+ chelator), caffeine or thapslgargm (which deplete mtracelhilar Ca z+ stores) kill neurotrophinindependent early nodose neurons ~5 For this reason it would be interesting to determine whether the cytosohc free-Ca 2+ concentration decreases as neurons become neurotrophln dependent, especially as direct measurements have revealed an increase in the free-Ca ~+ concentrahon m neonatal sympathetic neurons as they lose dependence on NGF (Ref 16) Although it is possible that the cytosollc free-Ca ~+ concentration plays a role in determining the duration of neurotroptun independence [beanangel, Aug 26 2009, last modified Aug 28 2009]

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       I'm unsure about the crib part. Do you think newborns are gnawing on their beds?
phoenix, Aug 27 2009

       //raise the baby at a moist stalagtite crib//   

       I have a feeling that was baked by the Cro-Magnons.
ldischler, Aug 27 2009

       That's weird - the rather non-short description of the link appears to have been OCRd from somewhere.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2009

       //thick pad of fatty tissue // speak for yourself! :)
po, Aug 28 2009

       that's often very dangerous behaviour but oh thanks!
po, Aug 28 2009

       Reading various items at pubmed, milk varies its Ca concentration from about a tenth to a third depending on the reference   

       That Ca concentration affects neural connectivity and editing during the first month is well supported   

       Ca affects where microglia edit neurons   

       This has me thinking that it is possible to find an optimal Ca amount that benefits neurodevelopment among babies then to have maternal or transdermal supplementation Or of course a Ca rich crib made from a stalagmite
beanangel, Aug 28 2009

       It's funny, but all the time I've been using PubMed I'd never noticed the "Random" button.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2009


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