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Calder, Serra, Saffir-Simpson Wind Chimes

A proposed tribute for Alex Calder by Richard Serra
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This idea requires a knowledge and understanding of several disparate components:
1 The work of two different artists - Alex Calder and Richard Serra.
2 The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Index.
3 Decorative Wind Chimes.

Although Alex Calder created many different types of work during in his life as a visual artist, he is best known for his wonderful hanging metal mobiles. The second part of this idea originates from the massive steel sculptures of Richard Serra, as currently on show in MOMA, New York.

Putting these together with the Hurricane Index results in the creation of the Calder, Serra, Saffir-Simpson, Wind Chimes.

This gigantic structure is designed to hang between two large buildings, or span a valley location. Its movements are slow, monumental and silent, as the heavy components drift past each other. However, as the wind approaches and exceeds hurricane force, larger pieces of steel begin banging together, with the heaviest components only joining the cacophony in the rare event of F6 (or Inconceivable tornado) being reached.

xenzag, Sep 08 2007

Calder http://catcode.com/dc2003/mobile_262.jpg
fish mobile [xenzag, Sep 08 2007]

(?) Serra http://mocoloco.com...rabilbao_jun_05.jpg
Standing pieces [xenzag, Sep 08 2007]

Saffir-Simpson http://www.marinewa...m/marine/wind.shtml
wind scale [xenzag, Sep 08 2007]


       Everything except the hanging 1000+ tons of steel from two skyscrapers part was a good idea.
croissantz, Sep 08 2007

       So, some parts of the USA midwest and Florida will be slow to adapt this artform?   

       <Princess Bride on> "Inconceivable!" "I do not think it means what you think it means" <Princess Bride off>
normzone, Sep 08 2007

       I also have under development; The Hurricane Watchers Coastal Windsock Farm. It's just a line of very large pylons with very big socks on them, sitting about five miles out to sea. Doubles up as a wind-farm when there is no threat of extreme winds.
xenzag, Sep 09 2007

       I thought I might be presumptuous enough to churn my own idea, especially as I am currently located in the lower reaches of the colony town, known as Man-with-hat-on, and expecting an imminent visit from a wild girl who goes by the name of Irene.
xenzag, Aug 27 2011

       [+] on reaching #2. I'll now finish reading the idea.   

       [edit, on finishing reading it] Yup, definitely [+]   

       According to the Saffir-Simpson-Whorf hypothesis, Floridians have over 100 words for hurricane.
mouseposture, Aug 27 2011

       A yet to be proven hypothesis, as one of the "words" is known to be <doppler shift> "AAAAiiiiiieeeeeeeeee...." </doppler shift> as the wind-borne speaker recedes rapidly into the distance like a Hawaiian-shirt-clad flesh-based tumbleweed ...
8th of 7, Aug 27 2011

       News reports suggest it's a bit blowy in your neighbourhood, [xen]. When it's over, be sure to let us know that you haven't been flooded out or doppler-shifted away.
pertinax, Aug 28 2011

       The Calder, Serra, Saffir-Simpson chimes never even stirred... venturing out from under pile of rocks in bone strewn apartment to see if world outside is just a cleverly created parallax illusion, painted unto the outer surface of the windows.
xenzag, Aug 28 2011

       //if world outside is just a cleverly created parallax illusion, painted unto the outer surface of the windows.//   

       No. it's much worse than that. The outside world does exist.   

       Big wind chimes? Why not?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2011


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