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Card counter

Not playing with a full deck?
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I usually end up halfway through a game of solitare when i realize that im missing the card(s) that i need--cards are easily lost and its a bit of a hassle to have to manually count them before you use the deck--so my idea is this: a machine similar to those that count money, but instead it counts how many cards are in the deck--this can be useful in card games where more than 1 deck is used
wakeNbake, Apr 26 2006


       You can play solitare with physical cards?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 26 2006

       [phlish]:)-dont 4 get about alchohol--[gal]yup! but its pretty annoying
wakeNbake, Apr 26 2006

       now a machine that performed a shoot-through-the-air playing card shooting shuffle thing and electronically scanned each one to ensure a complete deck would be nice.
po, Apr 26 2006

       I think we need a card counter.   

       please give this more thought.
po, Apr 27 2006


       Unfortunately I don't think this would even suit the canabis-impaired:   

       Imagine trying to use a mechanical card counter, with all the related buzzing and whirring and manual dexeterity involved in loading it. Instant Techno-Paranoia.
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       Still a bun though !....cor I'm really hungry all of a sudden....
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006


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