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Baby "WhyCry"

Sensor and display package for diagnosing grumpy babies
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The WhyCry is a small compact battery operated pebble-like device with an inlaid wipe-clean screen.

On this screen vital statistics are displayed, including:
i) ambient temperature
ii) draught/wind-chill factor
iii) noise meter
iv) sound quality meter
v) Time since last nap
vi) Time since last feed
vii) Time since last change
viii) Time since last <something else>
ix) Light brightness meter
x) Light "tone" meter

When the baby cries, a heuristic is run based on recently sampled values and outputs, based on the current conditions a "Top 5" reasons why baby might be crying right now is displayed in large, friendly letters on the front.

zen_tom, Feb 20 2013

Discovery Channel: WhyCry https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZsE0pjmbsQc
Pre-empting my idea by at least 5 years judging by the YouTube posting date. [zen_tom, Jan 29 2021]

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scifi where an fetus/unborn child is used as the ocean going ship's computer [wjt, Jan 29 2021]

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       Getting nervous...?
theleopard, Feb 20 2013

       xi) Baby just needs to be held because it feels safe and nice.
Klaatu, Feb 20 2013

       A device featured on an early Simpsons episode.   

       //why baby might be crying right now//   

       It's a baby.
rcarty, Feb 20 2013

       Baby wants to verify presence of adult humans, establish/proof status as -located- rather than -misplaced-.   

       Baby is testing baby early warning system.   

       Baby is measuring response time.   

       Baby is stress testing baby life care systems.
WcW, Feb 20 2013

       Baby is online.
RayfordSteele, Feb 20 2013

       Perhaps it's all the sensors stuck on his/skin, that lead back into the WhyCry device...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 22 2013

       [Theleop] ... yeah, just 4 + a bit weeks to go now.   

       [21] I know the thing you mean, but no - I was using pebble-like very much in the smooth rock sense.
zen_tom, Feb 22 2013

       xi) Baby in transit.
skinflaps, Feb 22 2013

       Baby attempts to divide by zero.   

       Baby experiences DIAPER STACK OVERFLOW.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2013

       Baby cries because he / she can't talk yet and say "yo Dad, get yo ass in here".
xandram, Feb 22 2013

       Congrats, I had no idea.
blissmiss, Feb 22 2013

       A common reason is just to be assured the parents are still around.
Voice, Jan 29 2021

       // "Top 5" reasons why baby might be crying right now //   

       Excessive environmental oxygen.   

8th of 7, Jan 29 2021

       If you wired this thing back to front it might run in reverse, monitoring baby and then prodding or shocking it if it stops crying.
pocmloc, Jan 29 2021

       Now, that would be a truly spiteful christening gift ... "Look, here's a special Infant FitBit for your horrible squalling, puking, ugly, smelly little pink maggot-thing ..."   


       Make it web-aware and you could ensure that the parents don't get any proper sleep for months, leading to psychosis, depression and possible domestic violence, by timing the bouts of screaming to be triggered remotely ... apparently, ordinary babies are quite bad enough without getting shocks, so the sleep-deprived owners might simply not notice ...   

       We consider an Instructables project may be in order ...
8th of 7, Jan 29 2021

       i think this would work for adults too
sninctown, Jan 29 2021


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