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Creepy Pasta Theme Park

For the curious and discerning...
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(Creepy pasta: The practice of copy pasting stories of horrific and unnerving events to Internet boards in the hope of terrifying readers, since you asked)

It started out simple enough; Internet videos, depicting shots of a normal looking Midwestern town. No sound, save for the blaring audio interference near the end, and then the words ‘come and see’, followed by directions.

Those who find their interest sufficiently piqued will come across a perfectly unremarkable looking town, shrouded in mist. Nothing seems too out of place; the hotel is sparse and uninteresting, the people are normal, if a little quiet and unresponsive, and all in all you might begin to wonder if this was worth your time.

So nothing out of the ordinary…until you find the book waiting for you in your hotel room. A simple notebook, crammed with disturbing sketches and the scrawled words of someone terrified out of his mind, desperate to pass on the secrets…

There are directions and clues to help you uncover the secrets of the town, the places where things not of this Earth can be seen…

• Along a particular brick wall is painted a huge black circle, crossed out with an X. Turn the corner into the alley and walk through the door. The house you’ve entered defies the laws of physics, as twisting passages connect to rooms they shouldn’t, or that you’ve already entered. As you continue you might glimpse ghostly figures out the corner of your eye; here, a man in a pale mask with huge black eyes; there, a tall, faceless and emaciated figure, reaching out for you…

• At a certain time of the day, in an unassuming corner of the public park is a little circus tent, where some rather threadbare pirate puppets put on a show. Head backstage, and find yourself facing a dark cave. From within you can just make out a hoarse whisper; “… you have….to go…inside….”

• There’s the old movie theater, long since abandoned. But should you enter through the back door, you’ll find the camera still rolling, and some of the most disturbing imagery imaginable playing; lost episodes of beloved cartoons and shows, and other films depicting scenes of grotesque horror and mutilation.

• At the cemetery can be found lengths of copper tubing, jutting from the ground here and there. Wait until midnight, and you might find the residents are a little more talkative than should be possible.

• Down the hall in your hotel, there’s a certain room where an extremely pale woman can be seen through the keyhole, sitting in a position of weariness. If you come back later and find the keyhole is blocked by something red, you’ve been noticed…

• Late at night, you might see a huge truck barreling down the street. Hitch a lift with the driver, and you’ll find yourself in the most hellish ride of your life…

There are many secrets to be found here. How long can you stand the knowledge? How long until you break?

DocImpossible, Jul 14 2011

Quiet Little Place Quiet_20Little_20Place
[DocImpossible, Jul 14 2011]


po, Jul 14 2011

       wha? this is so creepy, all the annos disappeared!!
xandram, Jul 14 2011

       My bad, rewrote it.
DocImpossible, Jul 14 2011

       you could have edited it without deleting all the annos AND my link!
po, Jul 14 2011

       Yeah...sorry about that. Accident.
DocImpossible, Jul 14 2011

       ooh spooky, my anno disappeared.
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2011

       Nothing says mystery like lost annos!
daseva, Jul 14 2011

       Isn't there a website for Lovecraft fanfic? There must be.
bungston, Jul 15 2011

       So where does the pasta come in?
RayfordSteele, Jul 15 2011

       Copy + paste => Copypaste => Copypasta =>Creepypasta => Creepy Pasta   

       It's discussion board meme language. "Creepy" stories get copy pasted to the board. A related term is 'sauce' which means 'source'. Therefore, copypasta sauce would mean the source of the original copy paste.
rcarty, Jul 15 2011

       thank goodness for [Rayford], shirley.
po, Jul 15 2011

       Obligatory WIFRT - I thought this was an idea for a Theme Park where all the rides were Crappy because they were based on Pasta designs, like fusilli, mafaldine, gemelli, lumache,etc.   

       Feeling thirsty? Why, just head on over to the place with the big neon martini flickering out front. As you approach, though, don't look too closely at the olive, because when you walk right underneath, folks say it looks more like a skull with a wild red eyeball that follows you into the tavern. Inside, you see a horse standing at the bar where the bartender makes idle conversation, asking "Why the long face?", and a guy sitting beside a 12-inch piano player mutters under his breath about a hearing-impaired genie...
Canuck, Jul 15 2011

       Yeah as names go, creepy pasta is a bit misleading. But there's pages and pages of this stuff available all over the net.
DocImpossible, Jul 15 2011

       Yes, I had to Google *creepy pasta* because I have only seen joke pasta shapes like boobs and penises, etc....not mentioned here.
xandram, Jul 15 2011

       How about that for language evolution. I am sure the French tolerate no such thing.
bungston, Jul 16 2011

       Certainement pas. They have Intelligent Design.
mouseposture, Jul 16 2011


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