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Caller ID Location DB

For incoming calls, if the name is unavaialble, display the location of the Area Code.
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This could be an additional feature of a caller ID box or a standalone app for cell phones. If the name associated with an incoming call is unknown, instead of telling the recipient this, list the location of the area code. This would be a simple and small database, at least until we get 100x area codes. Now if you don't know who is calling, you at least know where the call is originating from.
cblunds, Aug 22 2006

MediaWeb http://start.at/mediaweb
UK telephone number locator (Beware of pop-ups, etc) [angel, Aug 22 2006]


       I like the sound of this. It gives you a sort of half-baked half-chance against telesales, stalkers, etc., and would probably be cheap. Might be hard to market though, to non-half-bakers.
pertinax, Aug 22 2006

       I needed this the other day. Bun. Big fat bun, in fact. A really excellent idea. I mean really, really good. Too good for here, in fact - I'd hide it and patent it quick, then sell it to one of the mobile phone companies.
moomintroll, Aug 22 2006

       I just never answer my mobile unless the caller's number comes up as being one of my contacts. If they ring for long enough and get transferred to my voice mail the message there tells them to go dig a hole then jump into it.
xenzag, Aug 22 2006

       My phone often does this already. Then again, sometimes it doesn't.
DrCurry, Aug 22 2006

       What would it do with non-geographic area codes? Also, see linky.
angel, Aug 22 2006

       My cell phone always tells me the state (USA) the call is coming from. At least on family calls. I don't get many calls from non-family, so I can't be sure it will work if caller ID is off.
baconbrain, Aug 23 2006


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