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Fuzzy caller ID

Often businesses suck up ranges of phone numbers.
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Instead of treating as a binary yes/no the question of whether the calling number matches something in Contacts, in cases where the number is not a strict match, display five (or so) numbers from contacts (or I suppose from some online directory or database) that are the "five nearest" according to some approximate string (or number) matching algorithm. Of particular interest of course, are cases where "first n digits match," as this is an attribute of your basic centrex or similar office telephony setups. Proabably use a different color scheme, formatting for inexact matches than exact matches. In the case that the first 6 digits match, the first 6 digits will be in boldface. If the first 7 digits match, that one would be ranked higher in the list.
LoriZ, Nov 28 2014


       I was hoping for a more semantic fuzzy match. You don't get an actual name, but a vague description -- "funny looking dude, middle-aged, kind of hairy, about 5'11", walks with a slight limp."
jutta, Nov 28 2014

       Instead of hoping beyond hope that someone new is reaching out to you, just accept that anyone NOT already in your contact list is spam.
RickRantilla, Nov 29 2014

       I find not having a phone helps.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 29 2014

       [+] and how about multilevel caller ID in addition   

       Toronto, Canada
Autodesk Inc.
Joe Blow

       The lower levels are filled out only if available.
ixnaum, Nov 30 2014

       Well, at least it's someone from my ex-girlfriend's neighborhood... [+]
4and20, Nov 30 2014


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