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Connect caller id phone feature to the Web
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Plain old caller ID doesn't usually provide enough information to be useful. Sure, it works when you recognize the number as a friend or foe, but when the number is unfamiliar do you want to answer? It could be a telemarketer or my long lost aunt Phyllis how can you be sure?

With Tele-ID, you plug your phone line into your computer then into the phone. The computer receives the caller ID signal from the phone company and automatically performs a reverse lookup and a google search on the number via your broadband connection, providing the results on screen before the second ring!

grip, Sep 09 2003


       If the caller has blocked caller ID, or has an unlisted number, the things that commonly stymie caller ID, how is this going to help?
DrCurry, Sep 09 2003

       [DrC] Block blocked IDs. To be nice the system could send a friendly voice message like "I don't talk to block heads. If you don't know know how turn off ID-block you can still reach me at 1-900-...., just $50 for the first minute."
kbecker, Sep 09 2003

       [DrC] It isn't.
grip, Sep 10 2003

       I forsee a problem with the 'reverse lookup' if you intend to power it with e.g. google - what's to stop the telemarketters setting up a web site with a name which has nothing to do with them but would sound like somebody who's call you would want to take? A solution would be a reverse lookup linked to the phone system providers (e.g. bt in the uk) which woud access the account holder's name.   

       Still a [+] from me for the seed of an idea which could develop.
dobtabulous, Sep 10 2003


       Should've been more specific, but yes a google search _and_ a reverse lookup through various phone service providers websites (my 'local' company web site has this feature as does the general whois website.)
grip, Sep 10 2003


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