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Yes, it's another phone app
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(+6, -4)
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Virtually everybody has bluetooth enabled mobile phones and I suffer greatly with name recall. This app scans the content of any nearby phone and immediately gives me a full synopsis of people in my vicinity. The app would interrogate the phone for relationships, names and ages of spouse and children, where they last went on holiday, shoe size, and other comletely superfluous information. A quick glance at my phone would then allow me to say with some confidence "Hello Mark, nice to see you again. How's Mary, is she alright now, it must have been awful seeing her suffering from depression for so long. And the kids, Jack and Jill isn't it, gosh, Jack must be 14 now, all grown up hey. How was Barbados, you stayed at Accra Beach didn't you. Never been there myself but I've heard it's fabulous. Congrats on the promotion by the way." I come away looking like a normal human being and Mark can spend the next two days saying to himself "Who the f... was that?" - payback!
The_Saint, Nov 11 2009

Bluetooth Tube Bingo Bluetooth_20Tube_20Bingo
[Dub, Nov 11 2009]


       I need this so much [+]
jtp, Nov 11 2009

       Nah. Ransacking someone else's data is far too open to abuse, so a decisive fishbone from me. Fortunately, it seems unlikely that you'll remember that it was me that did it.
DrBob, Nov 11 2009

       If people can't remember me, then they probably shouldn't need to engage me in conversation.
kaz, Nov 11 2009

       I already do spend most of my time doing that, and i can't remember anyone either. Anyway, how do you know my name?
nineteenthly, Nov 11 2009

       I woke up in a Soho doorway
A policeman knew my name
He said "You can go sleep at home tonight
If you can get up and walk away"
normzone, Nov 11 2009

       This'd ruin "Bluetooth Tube Bingo" [Linky]
Dub, Nov 11 2009

       Great for prosopagnosiacs
prufrax, Nov 12 2009


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