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Caller controllable ring and notification volume

... only with permission of the callee
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If you know that someone is in a crowded theater and you want to get an urgent message to them, you will not stand at the door and yell "Gary! You're needed for surgery!!!!". You will dicretely sneak in and try to whisper it into their ear.

Why can't we have the same thing for phones? Before you send or before you dial, you as the caller should have an option to pick the notification or ring volume.

Of course the only way this will ever take off if the ultimate control is with the callee. The callee will have the ability to set the following parameters

- unknown caller maximum notification volume

- specific caller maximum notification volume override (ie I let this particular scream at me, but others have to whisper)

This doesn't have to be limited to volume, sometimes I miss important phone calls and both me and the caller wish that it didn't happen. In those cases, it might warrant electro-shock notification or other more attention grabbing methods.

ixnaum, Feb 27 2016

Direct to speakerphone Direct_20to_20speakerphone
Ring, shmring. Just start talking. [bungston, Feb 28 2016]


       Can the ring be diverted through the audio jack to earbuds?
Vernon, Feb 28 2016


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