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Call Waiting Messaging

Help avoid confusion...
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One problem I've had when being put on hold is that, while I'm on hold, something may come up that causes me to have to put the OTHER person on hold. This is a problem because if they come back on the line while I have THEM on hold, they think I've hung up, so THEY hang up, then I come back and they're gone.

So I'd like a drop-down list to appear when you get placed on hold with a list of pre-selected messsages so when they come back, if you have placed THEM on hold, they hear a message when they take you off of hold saying smething like "I'll be right back, please stay on the line."

21 Quest, Oct 03 2006

One of many commercial solutions http://www.nch.com.au/ims/index.html
Music on hold systems [csea, Oct 04 2006]


       Or send an email...
DrCurry, Oct 03 2006

       That's good... if you're both by a computer or both have email-capable phones, and if they know the email is coming and think to check before they hang up.
21 Quest, Oct 03 2006

       Or, you could just set your phone down next to a radio if you are momentarily called away. That way your callee will know you have not hungup and will have music-on-hold for their listening pleasure until you return.
jurist, Oct 03 2006

       I agree, jurist, wonderful idea, assuming there's always a radio nearby.

       Also, the link is wonderful, again assuming you're on a landline and have a computer nearby. The device in that link does nothing for cell phones, or people w/o a computer. The Hold message should just have a button to select messages that is enabled as soon as you place someone on hold.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2006

       Maybe also an option that lets you write a custom "I got placed on hold" message that will let the person that put you on hold know what you were calling about, so that he could start formulating an answer while waiting for you to end your conversation. For example: "I called about lunch tomorrow, but I got placed on hold. When will you be free for lunch?" This way the other person can check their schedule, or start thinking of an excuse, while waiting.
Veho, Oct 04 2006

       This is a good idea because I usually hang up on the other person if that happens. If I have to put someone on hold while I am on hold I will expect them to do the same.
Jscotty, Oct 04 2006


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