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You know, for kids.
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Also marketed as Camera-on-o-Stick.

This is a tiny bluetooth camera which has attachments for hooks, magnets, a comb, etc.

With the comb attachment, you can comb the back of your head and see how it looks on your phone's video. Same for picking up or probing things.

4and20, Feb 19 2021


pocmloc, Feb 19 2021

       Well, the app shows you when your attachment is aligned with a target, like the focus on some digital cameras.
4and20, Feb 19 2021

       On your screen is a cross which shows the effective range of your attachment. The cross moves or remains stationary depending on camera motion. I feel we are moving perilously close to full bakery and I'm not licensed for that.
4and20, Feb 19 2021

       This doesn’t really differ from an endoscope though
hippo, Feb 19 2021

       No but "endoscope-on-o-string" is less marketable
pocmloc, Feb 19 2021


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