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Calling bed

Bed that calls you at a pre-defined time
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Rather like an alarm clock but not to wake up to go to bed... oh <name> come to bed... come to bed!

Got to be a best seller!

AndyH, May 18 2011

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       calling me now ...
po, May 18 2011

       Besides the strange sexual connotations, I don't like it. +
daseva, May 18 2011

       def a whiff of Reeves & Mortimer ...
po, May 18 2011

       Instead of a "snooze" button, is there a "Can I stay up just a little longer?" button.
phundug, May 20 2011

       Well, this is baked in the hospital (sort of)...my Dad had a bed that called his name and told him to get back in bed whenever he tried to get up without the help of a nurse.
xandram, May 20 2011

       What next ? A recliner that begs you to recline ? A straight back chair that tells you to sit up straight and eat your peas ?
popbottle, Jun 20 2016

       The tyranny of articulate furniture... where will it all end ?
8th of 7, Jun 20 2016

       At least one of the many smartphone sleep apps has a feature where it will notify you to go to bed at the appropriate time based on your alarm time and preferred sleep amount. I thought it was Sleep as Android, but it doesn't appear to have that feature when I look at it now. I also know it's not SleepBot or ElectricSleep (because I use those ones and they don't do it).
notexactly, Jul 18 2016


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