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a futon with 'bongarms'
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This futon will give you more comfort and relaxation than a regular futon. Although the FuBongTon is built very similar to the common futon its special feature is the 'Bongarm'. This is a special-built wooden armrest that is a bit wider than usual and is split down the center. Discreetly attached hinges allow the arm to swing open. There is also a hole in the center for the bong neck. When the bongarm swings open, there is a 'bong cradle'- which is like a built-in magazine rack, but it has softer contours and some padding to accommodate your choice of bong. Once the bongarm is closed and your bong is ready, there will be no tilting, spilling or accidents of knocking it over. It remains securely nestled in its cradle and bongarm.

FuBongTon is available in single or double bongarms. You can share your futon with a friend or loved one. Then kick back and relax, and if you should happen to get sleepy, just open the futon and take a nap.

xandram, Feb 08 2006

Jim'll Fix It http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Jim'll_Fix_It
"Later series saw Jim distributing medals from his "magic chair" which concealed the medals in a variety of robotic compartments." [calum, Feb 08 2006]

Jim'll Break It http://www.halfbake...m_27ll_20Break_20It
Account sadly empty, but nice username. [wagster, Feb 08 2006]

futon-couch with arms http://www.futonlan...651&products_id=669
still no bong [xandram, Feb 09 2006]


       This sounds somewhat like the mechanical chair sat in by nasty white-haired misanthrope Sir James Savile in his hit 1980s UK children's TV programme "Jim'll Fix It." But with bongs in it, instead of medals.
calum, Feb 08 2006

       I knew this company that sold all kinds of furniture with hooka built in. Found the company but they no longer sell them. Searched high and low to find you good link but came up empty, sorry.
zeno, Feb 08 2006

       I'd rather pass the bong around fixed people than pass people around to the fixed bong. I know there's one on each side, but it doesn't seem right not to share.
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       [Cube] is my nickname in 'The Bong Squad,'my 70's high school clique of smarter than average weed tokers. As an MIT undegrad, my dorm Bexley Hall was home to an annual IAP water pipe design contest. As a tester, official judge, and grand prize winner, I have seen many halfbaked bong ideas baked by scientists and enginneers baked in wide range of fractions. OK, I'm bragging but I do know my smoking paraphenalia.   

       A sketch would be nice as I'm not seeing the picture. As presented here, I have some questions about the design you might clarify:   

       The FuBongton has features of a cabinet, cupholder, and couch part. 1) Is the bong stashed here or moved between uses? 2) Does the bong move freely from rest to hand hold and back or is it secured? 3) If the futon sections are moved from a couch arrangement to a flat platform, would the bong arm turn too? 4) Would it be messy you fill the bowl with the bong in the arm and spill some over the sides? 5) Two words: bong water. Experience shows the unfortunate consequences of stinky fluid spills on household furnishings, not to mention the adverse effect of ashes, smoke, and fire in close proximity to furniture surfaces. 6)What amounts of extra wood, meta, and fabric materials would the FuBongton feature add to the basic IKEA model?   

       I'm giving you a bun too in case you get the munchies.
Cube, Feb 09 2006

       A lot of good points here. I don't have a sketch so I guess I'll have to figure out how to do that. There is no cabinet or cupholder. The bong is indeed secured and I agree about not being able to pass it around this way, but still doesn't mean that you can't share, just change seats I guess. When the futon gets opened, the arm stays stationary and yes, the bong would have to be removed to fill and clean. I'll have to do more research on the Ikea model. By the way [cube] I'm very impressed with your credentials! ( I was in college in Boston in the 70's and wished you invited me to that Pipe Contest!) **later (edit) I noticed the Ikea futons don't have any arms at all, so I posted a link with the type of futon-couch I was thinking of, then picture the arms sort of doubled enough to open and place the bong in.
xandram, Feb 09 2006

       For some reason, I keep seeing this as FuBungston.
DrCurry, Feb 09 2006


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