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Calorie Club

Health club & restaurant - buy dinner with calories
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Combination health club and restaurant having a fixed price workout cost followed by a restaurant where you "pay" for your meal with a record of calories you've just burned in the gym. The net effect is having skipped a meal, since your calorie balance ends up zero. The workout machines could incent longer workouts by saying "just another 5 minutes and you can have a steak instead of chicken breast" or "Good job! How about dessert?"
gregor-e, Mar 09 2006

Pretty much redundant Will_20Work_20For_20Food
Although your version involves a restaurant rather than a vending machine - but still very similar. [fridge duck, Mar 09 2006]

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       From the title, I thought this would be the opposite of Weight Watchers; in order for a person to join this elite club, they must eat an average of 6,000 calories a day for a month.
sninctown, Mar 09 2006

       Since I burn more per workout than I normally eat in a single meal, I'd like the credits to go towards an all you can eat clam / lobster bake. Every month.
Shz, Mar 09 2006


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