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Almost a Gambling gym

Work out for your pay out
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All the exercise machines are coin operated and work like slot machines. You put in money to work out (more money for more time) and get a return of 100% minus the fee to work out for that amount of time. The machine works as long as you haven't gotten your full due, giving you incentive to complete your workout. Use biometrics for people who prefer to jump from one machine to the next frequently.

Possible integration with mechanical gerble racing, real slot machines with really heavy arms to pull, arm wrestling contests, etc.

Voice, Jul 23 2007


       Other than resemblance to a slot machine (well, as much resemblance as any coin-operated thing bears) this really doesn't have much to do with gambling.
Texticle, Jul 24 2007

       Modification noted.   

       It seems that doing lots of reps (of a small weight) would cost far more than doing very few reps (of a large weight). Hence, you will discourage hot women from your gym, which is half the point of going in the first place.
Texticle, Jul 24 2007

       I immagine that doing more reps of a smaller weight at a gym is the most effective way, too.
acurafan07, Jul 25 2007

       If you want a svelte physique, yes. But if you want your guns to become twitching masses of veiny muscles then heavier weight is needed.
Texticle, Jul 25 2007

       Could the gamble be whether or not the workout has provided some quantifiable improvement in your health? I am unsure how the metrics would work, but this would introduce a (favorable) element of chance. (+)
ed, Jul 25 2007

       what i always thought would be cool would be little sign-in modules on each machine - optional of course - but so it'll tally up all your calories burned for you and then you can get a printout or look up your workout history online - complete with subtotals, totals, and breakdown by machine and muscle group - like a computerized trainer/nutritionist
costellogroup, Jul 26 2007

       I thought this was going to be about betting on the performance of the other gym-goers. I woudn't mind so much waiting for that guy to finish his 45-minute treadmill run, if I could put some money on his final distance or heart rate.
hob, Jul 26 2007

       I like hob's suggestion. Can you just see bookies walking around taking bets as the middle-aged woman in purple stretch-pants tries to hit thirty minutes on the stairmaster? HA!
k_sra, Jul 27 2007

       That's quite a funny mental image you've created there [k_sra]
skinflaps, Jul 27 2007

       [marked for tagline] HA!
Voice, May 26 2008

       what about just using a card to run up a tab, and then pay it off monthly? that way, if you don't have enough money on your person at the time, or you feel like working out longer than planned, or even if you don't feel like carrying around a bag of quarters, you'll be covered.
neo_, Apr 18 2010

       I'm picturing a bingo spinning class.
marklar, Apr 18 2010


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