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Antiphonal Running Shoes

stop running, and they sing
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Putting on these shoes and tying the knots activates them. You may barely notice the faint liturgical-like voices at first. Singing. One shoe answering the other in song. After a while, they build in volume, until it becomes almost embarrassing. Only by running can you stop them. And you must run a certain distance, or else the singing slowly begins anew…

(…this idea came to me in a dream. I’d just put on my running shoes, the result of a new year’s resolution. Immediately falling into a swoon on the sofa, I awoke to the antiphonal mewing of cats in either ear…)

pluterday, Jan 12 2003


       not sure how this is supposed to work. knowing me, I would sit in a chair and tap my feet up and down.
po, Jan 12 2003

       //not sure how this is supposed to work//Maybe they use their tongues or are string instruments playing sole music? +
FarmerJohn, Jan 12 2003

       Keep on Running
Long and Winding Road
Don't Stop

       Add in a few monitors and it could break into Beethoven's 5th ("Fate Knocking") if your vital signs reach a critical threshold.
egbert, Jan 13 2003

       Running on Ice.
Running with the Devil
The Magic Flute
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2003

       Smalltown Boy
my face your, Jan 13 2003


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