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Calorific Crap Analyser

Count your calries when you crap
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The careful analysis of excretia should be a fundamental part of a healthy diet. I propose a toilet which collects excrement, and then performs various tests upon it, and writes a small report.

Simple models might just report fiber/fat/protein content ratios. More advanced models could check calory counts, vitamin balances, and any number of other tests.

I look forward to a good read on the toilet, so there ought to be a courtesy flush option, which would perform the tests upon demand, not just upon flushing.

Gridley, Nov 08 2004

(?) Japanese toilet wars http://www.findarti...s_1_111/ai_96952330
[po, Nov 08 2004]


       testing what has been assimilated is more useful than whatever has been dismissed.
po, Nov 08 2004

       You're ignoring reverse engineering, [po].
bristolz, Nov 08 2004

       It should be a trivial matter to extrapolate what was eaten from what was excreted. Also, additional information is available in the excretia, that is simply not present in the food. (See comment by longshot9999 )
Gridley, Nov 08 2004

       Great, another crap idea.
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2004


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