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Poo Analyzing Toilet

Poo Analyzing Toilet
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This is a special toilet that performs a variety of tests every time you take a dump.

The toilet would connect to a local wi-fi network and then you would be able to configure and view the analysis reports via any device with wifi and a web browser.

When you first get the toilet you register various pooer profiles. These are then calibrated to each individuals bum size, body weight, and other criteria so the toilet can identify each registered pooer without any additional action by the pooer themself.

During each "event" the toilet retains a sample of the poo and performs a series of automated test on it. These could be used to tell the pooers what they had eaten and then, by building a body of information over time, go on to make recommendations to pooers about how they could improve their diet and health.

It could also send out emails to each pooer to give them a weekly summary. You could also connect it to your calendar or GPRS phone so it knows when you are away from home and will be unable to make deposits. This would prevent it from concluding that you were constipated (not using it enough) during those times.

ojsx, Jan 25 2012

http://www.halfbake...let_3a_20Diagnostic [spidermother, Jan 25 2012]

Toiletron [hippo, Jan 26 2012]


       Partially baked - google "diagnostic toilet". Most devices seem to be for urine, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2012

       It's convenient that the emails can be dumped into a weekly digest format. No point in smearing them across the whole week.
swimswim, Jan 26 2012

       I'd thought to post an idea for diagnostic butt-wipe that checked for acidity amongst other things once.
Called it; Shitmus Paper.
Thought I'd share... I can still hear the jingle.

       "You can tell at a glance if it's pink or it's blue,"
"cuz it's the number one tp for your number two..."

       good times, good times   


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