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Flow Meter

Measures fluid lost
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I think this would work better in a pub, but I couldn't find a category that worked for this.

When you go, a float is hooked up to a digital read out that indicates how much fluid has been released.

Below the fluid volume readout (that has numbers running much like a gas station pump) are other LED windows.

The other windows read: Domestic, Import, Wine, and Liquor. The avg. price for such is calculated by volume and those LED's cycle through as the volume in the john increases.

20 ounces? I think it might be time to order a water.

The numbers are reset when flushed & a Thank you message displays.

Zimmy, May 04 2006


       Eeew - but cool for the trivia of the matter.
Letsbuildafort, May 04 2006

       $12.63 Domestic   

       $14.12 Import   

       $9.62 Wine   

       $16.53 Call   

Zimmy, May 04 2006

       Croissant for the idea, if only because I've always wondered just how much I'm peeing (or pooing). But the prices part would be meaningless, a) because I generally know exactly how much the drink I've consumed cost; b) because I generally drink water along with alcohol, to avoid the dehydration effect.
DrCurry, May 04 2006

       people have been urinating in measuring jugs (in hospitals) for centuries.
po, May 04 2006

       id hate to be part of the maintainance crew of these devices.
shinobi, May 06 2006


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