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cucumber glasses

for tired eyes on the go.
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slip your cucumber slices into the slots in the frame over and behind each lens and let them slide down the guiding grooves past the nose and snugly, gently over your eyes. relax.

when your cucumber refreshment period is over, just remove cucumber slices and there you have it, no more fumbling around for your spectacles. you know, making a spectacle of yourself!

if wearing a facial mud pack at the same time, this has the added bonus of keeping mud pack out of the eyes which is not nice.

po, Nov 24 2004

cucumber glasses [FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2004]

oh what about a chocolate face pack - mmm, heaven. http://www.chocolat...h/antioxidants.html
[po, Nov 24 2004]

Feed Your Face, Face Masque http://www.halfbake..._2c_20Face_20Masque
had to add this [FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2004]

cucumberspecs http://i171.photobu...y/cucumberspecs.jpg
Get more moisturising nourishment, with not just a slice, but a whole half a cucumber on each eye! [imaginality, Aug 22 2008]


       Added bonus #2: smell like you're sloshed on Pimm's!
calum, Nov 24 2004

       good work po.
etherman, Nov 24 2004

       what if you get hungry?
elfling, Nov 24 2004

       hmmmm <thinks> edible mud pack.
po, Nov 24 2004

       goose liver patee' for the mud pack, hand me a wheat-thin if you please.
dentworth, Nov 24 2004

       mississippi mud pie face pack?
etherman, Nov 24 2004

       I think my long mistreated eyes would appreciate this. I don't think you should wear these whilst actually on the go though.
harderthanjesus, Nov 24 2004

       good work FJ. Love this new addition to the bakery.
etherman, Nov 25 2004

       Site management has done the real work to make it possible.
FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2004

       + I need these today!!!
xandram, Mar 11 2008

       I came up with a pretty similar idea today (albeit my specs are sturdy enough to hold half a cucumber in each side, not just a single measly slice :p ), but I see [po]'s been here and halfbaked it already. Nice one [po]!   


       See link for my version, I wouldn't want the hours of artwork to go to waste...
imaginality, Aug 22 2008

       I imagine a kind of dual microtome mounted down the sides of the spec frames, with a device like an artillery piece's autoloader swapping in fresh slices, and ejecting spent ones.
The advantage of this, of course, is how utterly cool you'd look (pun intended) with a fresh cucumber resting on each side of your head.
coprocephalous, Aug 22 2008

       wonderful draughtmanship [imaginality]   

       is there a benefit to balancing two half cucumbers on your eyes as opposed to a slice on each?
po, Aug 22 2008

       Well, apparently the only reason cucumber slices help is because they're chilled. So the only benefit from that perspective might perhaps be that a half-cucumber would retain its coolness longer. After all, the saying is 'cool as a cucumber' not 'cool as a slice of cucumber'...   

       ...But, trivial concerns of truth and reality aside, I think there are plenty of people who do think cucumber has some amazing moisturising properties and to those people I say, if a slice of cucumber is good for you, surely a half-cucumber will let even more cucumbery juices drizzle out onto your weary eyelids and revitalise you all the more?
imaginality, Aug 22 2008

       I think the weight of half a cucumber per eye can only make you look weary!
po, Aug 22 2008

       Well, sure, that's one way of putting it. Perhaps a fairer, less loaded description is the one used in our advertising copy:   

       "Enjoy the lovingly firm and insistent pressure, in many ways you can think of as a deliciously intense massage for your eyes. The masseusotherapeutic benefits of the half-cucumbers are scientifically proven to be equivalent to having a masseur's foot pressing on your eye, but with none of the health risks that that would entail.*   

       *However, overuse of cucumberspecs may cause headaches, temporary blindness and/or permanent muscular-skeletal eye socket deformities in a small to moderate number of cases."
imaginality, Aug 22 2008

       does it come with a warning against accidentally sitting on them?
po, Aug 23 2008


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