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Combine Sanitation with Policing

Municipal downsizing synthesizes garbage collection with policing.
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Already two seperate analogous things, garbage collection and policing should be merged into one service.

Criminal code, DSM and by- laws etc would be reduced to guidelines for collection and handling of undesireables.

Latent result would reduce status of law from a magical force of religious goodness and morality to one of practical facility.

Also children could be disciplined by scaring them with threats of 'the garbage man'.

rcarty, Oct 24 2013


       Not confusing, fusing.
rcarty, Oct 24 2013

       Wasn't a prisoner once attacked in New York by a policeman wielding a toilet plunger?
xenzag, Oct 25 2013

       Couldn't find the rest of the dalek?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 25 2013

       [+] I kind of like it, though they would have to wash their hands intermittenly.

       (Whilst in Mexico city one time, we asked a cop for directions and he changed his hat and walked us around the corner to his cab and drove us to where we were going.)
xandram, Oct 25 2013

       [+] I don't know that garbage collection personnel would want to sully their reputation by adding something as base as law enforcement to their job description. If you can convince them it's in the best interest of society to make cops at least somewhat productive, you may have a win here.
awesomest, Oct 25 2013

       Police chases in the garbage truck might be problematic.
RayfordSteele, Oct 28 2013


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