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Can I interrupt?

A program with a very small footprint that can check if now is a good time
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...to do some heavy processing like taking a periodical automatic screenshot.

For example, if I have a time tracker, and I want it to watch what I'm doing and then help me see how much time I spent on various stuff: But I don't want it taking screenshots while I'm doing heavy video processing like perhaps when I'm creating a video using an online video-creation app which needs all the resources available from my poor laptop.

This service app, which will come as part of the next version of your operating system, will enable programmers to ask howBusyIsTheProcessor and you well get an evaluation between 1 to 10.

Heavy duty programs would notify the PC that they are about to submerge themselves in some deep thought which needs a lot of brains, so please 1. Expect the system to be less responsive. 2. Allow unimportant but cooperative programs to stand down. 3. And have them ping our program less frequently so that you don't get stuck.

pashute, Feb 18 2021

Linux : Niceness https://askubuntu.c...iceness-vs-priority
From what I gather here, niceness is used to help the operating system assign assign priority. Not sure how that plays out in practice with multicore systems and the like. [zen_tom, Feb 18 2021]


       //Heavy duty programs would notify the PC that they are about to submerge themselves in some deep thought//   

       This is a widespread and fairly fundamental problem. I'm unaware of any (education in this welcome) program that checks anything like that before it does it. If I want to move a big dataset from one drive to another, Windows can't tell me "You know there's not enough room for that and even if there was it will take 9 hours, right?". Other programs that I use that do heavy computation, they just lock up. Or at least the GUI does, then, a few hours later it unfreezes, work done. In the meantime, Windows is like "X.exe isn't responding..." It would be nice if programs would perform the basic courtesy of any reasonable employee: "And when do you need that boss?... tomorrow afternoon... k, a one core job then"   

       //doing heavy video processing.... my poor laptop//   

       You see where you're going wrong there? The laptop is just a tool, in this case it's a little panel hammer, sure you can demolish a house with that. But, instead of feeling sorry for it and changing the task, what you need is a wrecking-ball of a video editing rig... I'd say treat yourself to a high end Ryzen with a big, fast NVMe drive and a brute of a graphics card, but the global supply situation isn't favoring that at the moment. There is a lot of value to be had in dual CPU Dell workstations coming off lease/companies folding.
bs0u0155, Feb 18 2021

pocmloc, Feb 18 2021

       Same with other resource use, like internet bandwidth
pocmloc, Feb 18 2021

       In linux, there's the idea of "nice"-ness, where each running task is assigned a priority. A nice value of -19 is considered not very nice at all and will not get out of the way of anything else, while a task with a nice value of 20 will be very accommodating of other task's use of any central resources.   

       I don't know what this same function might be called in windows, or other operating systems, but it's a fairly common thing - at least at the operating system level.
zen_tom, Feb 18 2021

       The advancing iteration of AI will assign the how nice your task is. Isn't halfbakery a serialization of loosely connected interruptions ? So Yes
wjt, Feb 23 2021

       Don't forget the irruptions, abruptions, eruptions and corruptions.
pertinax, Feb 23 2021

       And yes.
wjt, Feb 23 2021


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