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Can o' Meringue

Because insulation ought to be edible
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Fresh from 5E Industrial Chemicals & Foods, it's the incredible Can o' Meringue! Utilizing a technology similar to aerosol-propelled expanding foam insulation, our Can o' Merigue will produce delicious treats in minutes!

Our patented formula of egg-based protiens, pure cane sugar, and top secret catalyizing agents (guaranteed non-carcinogenic) is packaged in a conventional aerosol can and compressed with the purest food-grade nitrous oxide.

At first the meringue is a thick liquid,, but our special blend of catalyzing and foaming agents soon inflate and harden it to a delicious light crunchiness. Make simple dots for your traditional bite-sized meringue, or spray elaborate patterns which will rise up into unique and decorative shapes! For even more fun, try spraying the meringue into a mold, or inject it directly into cake or pudding for a hidden suprise.

No kitchen should be without a Can o' Meringue! Now available in classic, vanilla, chocolate, and industrial by-product flavors!

5th Earth, Apr 09 2005


       Could be used to make (keep?) a respectable coconut macaroon.
reensure, Apr 09 2005

       Instant cheese curls would be nice.
FarmerJohn, Apr 09 2005

       Add just a few more top secret catalyzing agents to make the meringue waterproof and you can create an instant catameringue.   

       Cunning! You could start with that polyurethane gap-filling foam and make the necessary modifications (if any).
Basepair, Apr 09 2005


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